Connect 2.4.0 Release Notes

Connect 2.4.0 Release Notes
Version 2.4.0
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux
Created:  May 5, 2010
Updated: July 29, 2010
What's New
For All
·         Integration with FASP 2.6
·         Updated license compatibility with products using the new license format
·         Changed default setting for “Automatically cache measurements obtained during transfer” to off

For Windows
·         Support for Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8 when installed by a non-admin user
·         Support for Internet Explorer on Windows Vista, 2008, and 7 when UAC is on via the Connect auto-installation, applet based installer
·         Supports per-user and per-machine installations on Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 7 for MSI installations

For Mac Power PC
·         Encryption at rest for Mac PPC
·         Firefox 3.6 support

Fixed Issues
·         Updated Windows shortcut icon,
·         Code signed asperaconnect.exe and asperaweb.ocx for added security.
·         Fixed issue where a non-admin user could improperly upgrade an Connect installation that was run by an administrator user on Windows. (#6720)
·         Fixed issue where Firefox will not detect Connect if the Windows MSI installation was run by an administrator user prior to installing Firefox. (#5594)
·         Fixed Mac-Intel installation issue when the hard drive is formatted with Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive, Journaled) partition format. (#7217)

Known Issues
For All
·         Bandwidth measurement has been removed from preferences. It can still be measured during a transfer. A revised implementation will be provided in the future release.
·         ascp HTTP fallback transfer through proxy stalls when server side sends CANCEL message in the middle of the transfer. Workaround: Cancel and restart the transfer. (#6694)

For Windows
·         64-bit versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox are not supported. Workaround: Launch the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer or Firefox to use Connect. (#5594)
·         When upgrading Connect via the auto-installation (applet installation) as an administrator user when UAC is turned on, the upgrade may fail with the following message, “Failed to uninstall previous version.” This may occur when the previous installation was installed via the auto-installation by an administrator user when UAC was turned off. Workaround: Download and run the MSI package to run the upgrade with elevated privileges, or turn off UAC before re-trying the auto-installation. (#6746)

For Linux
·         Some fonts look better than others in Preferences. For example, setting Bitstream Vera Serif 8 as the default font should help the Preferences window look better.
For Mac Intel
·          When attempting to upgrade Connect via the auto-installation (applet installation) as an administrator user, the installation may fail with the message, “Failed to uninstall previous version.” This may occur when the previous installation was installed as an administrator user and the result installed Aspera with user:wheel ownership permissions. Workaround: Manually uninstall the previous version of Aspera Connect prior to installing the new version of Connect, or change ownership of Aspera to user:admin before running the upgrade. (#6745)
For Mac Power PC
·         No support for any Firefox 3.5.x and prior

Package Information

MD5 cksums
·         D6520C60832EC2BB70D6EAD61D16C8D4 AsperaConnect-
·         88E608F7C8EA4705803651873694F98C AsperaConnect-
·         277C217D5BBB466719091D8CA9445633  AsperaConnect-
·         C01ED773822888B908479DABC8520571
·         C125F49FFDBEE36FC58C0B68DF35B5EF


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