Console 1.0.1 Release Notes

Console 1.0.1 Release Notes
Version 1.0.1
Platform: Windows, Linux
Feb 20 2009
  • Linux installer - RPM - notify user and abort installation if not being run as root
  • Linux install script - change to use new lib/ as startup script for console mongrels
  • Fixed Console installer for Linux x64 - error starting httpd service
  • Console linux installer now creates the console/tmp directory and subfolders
  • Changed the default transfer rate for Smart Transfers
  • User has control permission but not seeing one of the jobs started by admin
  • Windows console has javascript errors when viewing with IE
  • SSL error when using console installed on a Windows XP 32-bit
  • Detect and close out/purge bad records stuck in a 'running' state
  • Fixed Console - reports - Pagination link error
  • SMTP conversation logging in Console logs
  • Windows installer now installs the VC++ re-distributable
  • Fixed the collapsing permissions on user edit display
  • Changed the color of the error activities
  • Console - Hot Folder job has no end time logged (Activity and Hot folder page)
  • Fixed Console Transfer's Email info lost after validation.
  • Console - reports - start / end time not passed to Session list when drill down from By Day Report
  • Fixed the file browse failing problem if home directory does not exist (i.e. user never logged in)
  • Moved the inactive transfers under 'problem transfers'
  • Transfers with older sync cookie format now being set to 'completed' instead of 'unknown'.
  • Improved Smart transfer's ETA
  • Changed the email notification preferences to remove redundant rows
  • Admin now have access to all endpoints, even if the endpoints haven't been added to a group
  • Added the help caption to the 'transfers started by others'
  • Improved documentation for endpoint / transfer path / group creation
  • Added help text / popup for global search field
  • Enforced the name uniqueness in the Smart transfers
  • Changed the default resume policy to use the fast integrity check
  • JobStep#email_recipients_for_type not returning email address specified at transfer start time.
  • Fixed the problem that linking to old hotfolder job gives Error 500 internal error
  • Fixed the problem that session is marked completed on the Activity page, but says error in the Session detail Transfer Status
  • Fixed the file details layout formating problem
  • production.3505.log showing TemplateError (undefined local variable or method 'request_marker'
  • Simple / Smart Transfer - Email not sent for transfer when using some nodes
  • Fixed the problem that shows the Error 500 when going to the Email Preferences page.
  • Perform transfer and goto session details while it is running
  • Added the Permission Details table to User Transfer Permissions tab
  • Fixed the problem that the incomplete list of permission displayed on smart transfer screen
  • Fixed the Link Detail ajax errors problem
  • Improved the Console documents
  • Fixed the problem that in the Report page, the average rate by IP Address is incorrect
  • Fixed the problem that the File Protect field in the transfer page blanked out and changed from show password on error
  • Added a link to the date in the Report page, for drilling down to the next report
  • Added 'help text' for partial matches in the Report page. ie: Virtual IPs
  • Added options to specify resume policy on transfers (k0 etc.)
  • Added FASP Session ID to the job_step / show page
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