Enterprise Server 2.5.1 Release Notes (Windows)

Enterprise Server 2.5.1 for Windows Release Notes
for Enterprise Server, Point-to-Point, Client, and Connect Server
Version 2.5.1
Platform: Windows
Created: November 2, 2009
Updated: November 12, 2009

What's New

This release contains a number of bug fixes.

Fixed Issues

This list covers the critical and major problems fixed in Enterprise Server 2.5.1.

  1. Connect Server
    • Fixed rate policy in Connect Server (#4575)
    • During the installation/upgrade, the user now has the option to select which web site to install Connect Server to. (#5303)
  2. ascp
    • Fixed transfer failures with 254 or 255 byte argument path, user string, token, or cookie. (#5160)
    • Fixed cases where ascp creates empty files. (#5277)
    • Fixed transfer when using HTTP fallback to download a unicode file. (#5170)
    • Fixed Hot Folder syncing to accept the proper resume feature. (#5396)
    • Fixed issue where the ascp -Z option overwrites any network's MTU size that is different than 1492. (#5237)
  3. Aspera User Interface
    • Fixed problem creating a user/group entry on Japanese Windows. (#5317)
    • Fixed periodic hanging while browsing a network share. (#5324)
    • Fixed browsing directories with large zip files. (#5134)
    • Fixed hanging if directory is changed on the local browser while the remote side is retrieving files. (#5072)
  4. Other
    • Fixed astokengen to handle escaped commas. (#5366)

Known Issues

  1. When upgrading Connect Server on Windows, it’s recommended to select the same web site currently used to host Connect Server. If upgrading from Connect Server 2.2.1 or prior and the new version of Connect Server is not installed to the same web site, it’s important to manually remove the original setup of Connect Server files.
  2. The Aspera User Interface doesn't refresh the local file browser. If the "delete source file after a successful transfer" option is enabled, after a sucessful upload, the local file browser still shows the transferred file that has been removed. (#5451)
  3. When configuring the Database or Transfer Server sections through Server Configuration, only the changes made since opening the tab will be saved.  All existing Database / Transfer Server section values (even if displayed as set) will be removed from aspera.conf.  Workaround:  Manually edit the settings in aspera.conf using a text editor or via Server Configuration, change all the settings to a temporary value, save, then change all of them to the correct setting, and save. (#5468)

Package Information

MD5 Value:

  • FDC04B11C1EE8CBFF12970B7C8BCF201     AsperaClient-
  • DCDDF487D9CD4E86AD58EDF9C631C545  AsperaEnterprise-
  • 4CCF8459E03E3F383CC0EAEAF86A9A54     AsperaP2P-

Previous Release Notes

For more information about the complete list of What's New, Fixed Issues, and known issues in 2.5.X, read the Enterprise Server 2.5.0 Release Notes at http://www.asperasoft.com/en/release_notes/default_1/release_notes_31.

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