Enterprise Server 2.6.2 Release Notes

Enterprise Server 2.6.2 for Mac-Intel Release Notes
For Enterprise Server, Point-to-Point, and Connect Server
Version 2.6.2
Platform: Mac
Created: April 21, 2010

Fixed Issues

This list covers the critical and major problems fixed in Enterprise Server 2.6.2.

  • Remove shell validation warning when adding additional users through the Configuration graphical interface.

Package Information

MD5 Value: 
0A8EB1A782C3AA96EE5452872F07636E  AsperaEnterpriseServer-
713E99CD3B16FA70CD5E2D7684B52533  AsperaPointToPoint-

Previous Release Notes

For more information about the complete list of What's New, Fixed Issues, and Known Issues in 2.6.X, read the Enterprise Server 2.6.1 Release Notes.


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