faspex 1.6.1 Release Notes

faspex 1.6.1 Release Notes
Version 1.6.1
October 6, 2009
What's New
  1. SuSE Enterprise Linux 10 support
  2. Ability to disallow transfers if user has Connect below a specified version
  3. Command to generate new self-signed certificate (asctl faspex:shared:apache:make_ssl_cert ADDRESS_OR_HOSTNAME)
Fixed Issues
  • Installation
    • Linux - Separate "asctl faspex:all:install" command no longer needed, just the "asctl faspex:install" command
    • Protect against upgrading using the wrong installer (32 vs. 64 bit)
    • More verbose error reporting during installation
    • New format license files now supported
    • Linux - installation now works correctly if MySQL already installed with non-default root password
  • Send Package
    • Commas, apostrophes, and backticks in package names now work (Requires update to astokengen released in Enterprise Server 2.5.1)
  • Email Notification
    • Email notification to self restored when sending package to a workgroup user is a member of
    • "SENDER_NAME" in email notifications now converts to full name of sender rather than login
  • ActiveDirectory
    • Missing ActiveDirectory configuration setting (ADGroupIdentifier) now present in default install
    • Group lookups faster and now work for groups with large numbers of users
  • Other
    • Output and error logs now saved to /log rather than /tmp/pids
Known Issues
  • Multi-server - Before adding a slave server, master server entry must have an IP address entered for hostname or alternate_address1
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