faspex 2.0.1 Release Notes

faspex 2.0.1 Release Notes
Version 2.0.1
Created: September 9, 2010
Updated: December 14, 2010

What's New


  • Enhanced user interface with new look and feel
  • Automatic browser plug-in client installation (Aspera Connect)
  • Support for new Aspera Cargo personal desktop client
  • Active Directory integration (thousands of managed users)
  • Multi-server configuration with scalable and robust server-to-server package relay and synchronized user management
  • Web Services automation API for contact management, package sending and receiving
  • Fine-grained access control with custom metadata configuration, recipient list management and per-package expiration policies
  • Improved installation and setup
  • Added full sort/filtering capabilities
  • Updated the third-party components: Apache 2.2.15, Mysql 5.0.67, Ruby 1.8.7-p248 (Linux)/p249 (Windows)
  • Added feature to automatically delete packages once successfully downloaded by all recipients. (#1913)
  • Added the ability for each user to manage their recipient list via a link on the send page. (#5565)
  • Added a new “manager” administrator level to help manage users and workgroups. (#7237)


  • Added Preference option to disable prompting for installation of Aspera Connect (for Administrator users)



Fixed Issues 


  • Fix Windows installation problem where the SSH public key failed to be installed into the domain admin account’s .ssh directory. (#3844)
  • Fix permission issue when a package was uploaded using HTTP fallback.  The permissions were previously set to root:root with permissions 750 preventing users from being able to download the package. (#4805)
  • Change reset password to not include an ampersand to avoid problems with the Entourage email client for Mac that mangles ampersands in the URL. (#5046)
  • Added back the sender to the email package receipt notification. (#5218)
  • Fix issue where commas were not allowed in the package titles. (#5339)
  • Fix directory permissions for Windows installation. (#5417)
  • Fix problem sending to an external recipient due to faspex consuming a user license. (#5582)
  • Fix installation problem where the /opt/Aspera/faspex/output directory wasn’t created by default. (#5727)
  • Fix problem accessing the send package page when a user has 5000+ packages. (#5768)
  • Fix problem where notifications are sent by an unknown sender instead of the appropriate sender when the email server does not support sender. (#5772)
  • Fix problem downloading packages with special characters like “$” in the name. (#6626)
  • Fix reporting of package status when the deletion of a package fails. (#6428)
  • Fix download package failure when there are back-to-back commas in the package name. (#6957)
  • Properly define the set directory and file grant mask in Aspera.conf during installation preventing the faspex_app user from being able to delete packages. (#7216)
  • Fixed problem where a forwarded package would only include one link instead of both links when faspex server is configured with two addresses. (#7233)
  • Multi-server configuration now supports more than 2 faspex servers.
  • Existing multi-server known issues have been resolved.  The user no longer has to do the following:

·       After adding another faspex server, need to manually set the default server (in Home Server Rules) for correct slave server behavior

·       Before adding a slave server, master server entry must have an IP address entered for hostname or alternate_address1



Known Issues


  • Windows Installer 4.0 or higher is required to install the MSI package.  The download for the Windows Installer 4.5 redistributable package is available at: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=101159.
  • Upgrades are supported from faspex 1.6.1 to 2.0.1.  To upgrade from other versions of faspex, please contact Aspera Customer Support.
  • In multi-server configurations, the master server delivers the welcome emails, instead of the home server of the recipient. (#7706)
  • The base package directory cannot have Unicode characters in it. (#6042)
  • Console does not display “[faspex user] (“faspex”)” in the transfer Contact field.  Instead, it reports “faspex (ssh)” as the Contact. (#7729) 
  • Entering “*” in the “Allowed IP addresses for login” and/or “Allowed IP addresses for download” fields, does not allow any IP address to log in or download package(s). (#7635)
  • Console does not display “[faspex user] (“faspex”)” in the transfer Contact field.  Instead, it reports “faspex (ssh)” as the Contact. (#7729). A patch is available for Console for this. Please contact Aspera Support (support@asperasoft.com) for details.



  • Click here for more information and to download the Faspex patch release.


Package Information

MD5 Value:

  • C7D12083C019DBEA842BE72242998C01  aspera-faspex-
  • F162D091A2D289797C8A57C93CC3F792  AsperaFaspex-
  • 841FCD889AF9166F5AE48F9B4497AA89  aspera-common-
  • 89DABAA754D3628A5979C19ABDDFF5AA  aspera-common-
  • 7082051FA59F6A41BFFCAD9BE3C6883F  aspera-faspex-


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