Connect 2.4.6 Release Notes

Connect 2.4.6 Release Notes
Version 2.4.6
Platform: Mac, Linux
Created: February 28, 2011
Updated: March 2, 2011
What's New
  • FASP 2.7.1 integration

Fixed Issues

Known Issues

Package Information
MD5 cksums:
  • 31691E4A99A2BB649220FD113B8AEFDE AsperaConnect-
  • 292C98758C8B60AFB55D32D13D0B7798  AsperaConnect-
  • B583F3B5C41025FB55FA6F9C104AF9AF
  • 96AD570162FB86664ADB7DDB191EAB02

Previous Release Notes
For more information about the complete list of What's New, Fixed Issues, and Known Issues in the prior release, read the Connect 2.4.5 and2.4.0 Release Notes.


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