Connect 2.3.0 Release Notes

Connect 2.3.0 Release Notes
Version 2.3.0
Platform: Windows, Mac
July 20, 2009
What's New
  • Queueing. Allows a person to set a maximum number of concurrent transfers.
  • Improve Windows installer upgrade experience.
  • Reports whole session progress if enabled on the server.
Fixed Issues 
  1. Fixes a case where the target rate slider in the transfer monitor would not be adjustable if bandwidth cap was specified too low.
  2. Encryption at rest dialog forces a user to confirm their passphrase.
  3. Network speed can be changed in preferences and reflected in active transfers (as long as the change is to a higher speed).
  4. Spelling corrections.
  5. Prompts user before quitting if transfers are active.
  6. Improve content protection tool.
Known Issues
  • Bandwidth measurement has been removed from preferences. It can still be measured during a transfer. This will be more properly implemented at a later date.
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