Console 1.4.1 Release Notes

Aspera Console 1.4.1 Release Notes
Version 1.4.1
Platform: Windows, Linux
August 27, 2009

NOTE: In order to display actual rates and ETAs properly, this upgrade to Console requires Enterprise Server or SCP Point-to-Point version 2.1 or above. Transfers for versions prior to 2.1 will not display live information for actual rates. In addition, the Enterprise Server/SCP Point-to-Point node database logger must report session progress (this is the default - the database logger will report session progress unless explicitly configured not to).

Fixed Issues
  1. Node configuration
    • Fix cookie overflow bug when aspera.conf contains many users.
  2. Email notifications
    • Fix node endpoint 'add email' bug for customers with licenses that don't include console-initiated transfers.
    • Fix line breaks for ALL_SOURCE_PATHS.
    • Fix file display for ALL_FILEPATHS for sync transfers.
    • Prevent sending of session start and completion notifications for empty sessions when console is configured to remove them.
    • Fix HTML format for default email templates so they display properly in Gmail.
  3. Background processes
    • Fix memory leak in SOAP process.
  4. Log files
    • Reduce default logging level.
  5. Transfers
    • Fix transfer initiation problem when saved password contains ampersands.

Please contact Aspera Support to upgrade or patch an existing Console installation.

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