Console 1.4.2 Release Notes

Console 1.4.2 Release Notes
Version 1.4.2
Platform: Windows, Linux
October 6, 2009

NOTE: In order to display actual rates and ETAs properly, this upgrade to Console requires Enterprise Server or SCP Point-to-Point version 2.1 or above. Transfers for versions prior to 2.1 will not display live information for actual rates. In addition, the Enterprise Server/SCP Point-to-Point node database logger must report session progress (this is the default - the database logger will report session progress unless explicitly configured not to).

What's New
  1. Command to generate new self-signed certificate (asctl console:shared:apache:make_ssl_cert ADDRESS_OR_HOSTNAME)
  2. Transfers started in Console now default to encryption:none
  3. Added asctl commands to backup and migrate console database (asctl console:backup_database, asctl console:migrate_database)
  4. SuSE Enterprise Linux 10 support
Fixed Issues
  • Transfer Display
    • Fixed improper cross-linking of unrelated transfers that have the same cookie
    • Transfers started by someone else's Console now display properly
  • Transfer Initiation
    • Fixed issue where under certain circumstances transfers were submitted to node twice
  • Installation
    • Linux - Separate "asctl console:all:install" command no longer needed, just the "asctl console:install" command
    • More verbose error reporting during installation
    • New format license files now supported
    • Linux - installation now works correctly if MySQL already installed with non-default root password
  • Email Notification
    • Fix handling of very long email messages (e.g. ones with long file lists)
  • Node Configuration
    • Fixed problem with deleting docroots
    • Override of docroot with null value no longer allowed
  • Memory Usage
    • Periodic restart for background processes to prevent excessive memory usage
  • Other
    • Output and error logs now saved to /log rather than /tmp/pids

Please contact Aspera Support to upgrade or patch an existing Console installation.

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