Aspera OnDemand 2.0.2 Release Notes

NOTE:  Please do not use this version due to know issues, use Aspera On Demand v.3.2.2 instead. 

Aspera OnDemand 2.0.2 Release Notes

Version 2.0.2
Platform: Amazon
Created: August 9, 2011

What’s New

Aspera OnDemand 2.0.2 introduces these new features:

  • Asia Pacific Tokyo region added
  • New enterprise server aspera-entsrv- (See:
  • Updated kernel, following Amazon image fedora-8-x86_64-base-v1.10
  • Support for aspera-ondemand-2.0.1 versions of the kernel and ramdisk
  • Updated rsyslog, exclude local0 and local2 from /var/log/messages
  • License expiration 2012-09-01
  • Rtt_autocorrect enabled by default
  • Dblogger single thread patch
  • Enable user switching in Aspera Web
  • Enable .partial syntax


ami devpay

ami private

Default Kernel

Kernel ID



 ami-40c07541 ami-5cd0655d aki-ee09a2ef ari-d009a2d1
 ap-southeast ami-b8e79fea ami-96ff87c4 aki-07f58a55 ari-27f58a75
eu-west ami-04251570 ami-605f6f14 aki-f2634886 ari-e44d6690
 us-west ami-9bf9abde ami-13c19356 aki-f50657b0 ari-fd0657b8
 us-east ami-835b9cea ami-23b4734a aki-a3d737ca ari-7cb95a15
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