Enterprise Server 2.7.4 Release Notes

Enterprise Server 2.7.4 Release Notes

For Enterprise Server, Point-to-Point, Client, and Connect Server
Version 2.7.4

Platform: WIndows

Created: August 24, 2011


What’s New
  • Added the ascp “--preserve-create-time” option to preserve creation time on Windows.
  • Extended the ascp “-p” option to preserve mtime and now atime.

Fixed Issues

  • Fix configuration slowness in the GUI with many Active Directory users. (#10862).
  • Fix asperacentral crash on Linux. (#10285)
  • Fix issue when a transfer occurs over http, the incorrect user IP address is displayed in Faspex’s Package Download Details page. (#10440)
  • Fix issue where asuserdata does not find the user belonging to a group if that group contains many users. (#10527)
  • Fix ascp quitting without DONE or ERROR messages. (#10721)
  • Fix download failures to UNC path when using HTTP fallback. (#10241)
  • Fix ascp segfault with --file-list  (#10357)
  • Fix issue where a domain user doesn’t pick up group settings if using the username login format in Windows (#10996)
  • Fix issue on Windows where ascp fails to start because the event handler socket fails with error 10048. (#10872)
  • Fix ascp segfault when using --subprocess-mode with an expired license (#10264)
  • Fix “RTT Delay” reporting in the GUI. (#10697)
  • Fix ascp segfault when FileBytes is larger than source file in persistent session mode. (#10963)

Known Issues

  • In IE6, the first time the Connect Server page is loaded in the browser if the latest version of Connect is not installed, the Install / Upgrade Now button does not display correctly.  Workaround: Refresh the browser. (#11116)

Package Information


  • 9d911638cd76b3de70fd7860ef08580c15fd8310  AsperaClient-
  • a9dc73f9ac48fd08108883eca2084594f7406c6b  AsperaEnterpriseServer-
  • e401cc612143f852acefdfd7263abb3c36ab8137  AsperaP2P-


  • 75ef30c96a0a024e3aafd34e0cdb2857  AsperaClient-
  • bbed275818add614065d45b5bc27db90  AsperaEnterpriseServer-
  • 9aa1e1aee8b3a00e439e6b9ad7aa4a69  AsperaP2P-


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