Aspera Mobile Uploader 1.1.2 Release Notes

Aspera Mobile Uploader 1.1.2 Release Notes
Platform: iOS 4 and 5
Created: November 21, 2011

What’s New

  • App version information is now included in the "send logs" email.  (#12531)

  • The model information reported in the "send logs" email is now includes new devices like the iPhone 4S.

Fixed Issues

  • On iOS 5 the main app view may be shifted after return from the photo/video picker.  (#12266)
  • On iOS 5 the user will not be able to use all configured keyboards (e.g. Chinese-Simplified, Hebrew) to enter text settings and file names.  (#12393)
  • Possible EXC_BAD_ACCESS crash when using a UTF-8 encoded username.  (#10676)

Known Issues


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