faspex™ 2.6.5 Release Notes

faspex™ 2.6.5 Release Notes
Version: 2.6.5
Created: February 16, 2012
Platform: Windows, Linux
  • A new license is required to use Faspex 2.6.5.  Please contact Aspera Technical Support at support@asperasoft.comThis is a NO Charge replacement license. If possible please provide the name of your existing license as reference. This license will be in /opt/aspera/faspex/config or c:\Program Files (x86)\Aspera\Faspex\config, depending in your platform, and will be in the format, aspera.faspex.xxxxx.license or similar. Please provide just the name of this license file; the file itself is not required.

What’s New
  • Security enhancement forces the admin user to reset password upon first login after clean installation
  • Licensing support for Outlook Add-In and other clients.

Fixed Issues
  • Fixed issue where packages with encryption-at-rest to external recipients cannot be downloaded with Safari 5.0.x on OS 10.6.x. (#13111)
  • Fixed issue where the Active Directory sync does not respect the home server’s override checkbox. (#12093)
  • Fixed issue on Windows where the log rotation was unable to delete and log, resulting in faspexnot completing the current transaction and leading to repeated email notifications.  (#13189)
  • Fixed issue with asctl faspex:restore_database not always restoring 2.6 data. (#13594)
  • All background processes run as a non-privileged user. (#13389)
  • Fixed init.d scripts to return proper exit codes for status requests. (#13447)
  • Fixed response header to show server information. (#12767)
  • Reduced contention between faspex db background and node poller. (#13386)
  • Node poller restarts automatically on failure (#13637)

Package Information
  • 22cafb625734bb87cde310a67bcfaf01596423f0  AsperaFaspex-
  • e06d735e4942adb15fd2e8e582b2560a677f80c3  aspera-faspex-
  • 3fabb7cd6d5f9dd04f1b0cc37db227627edcf345  aspera-faspex-
  • e159df577de2b255b038e94d63a809a82e5944be aspera-common-
  • 0455d7dd2f6f97546861a2d8481dfd5c413eb5ce aspera-common-

  • e4d71e42215986ecfea461b2960d1234  AsperaFaspex-
  • 7d4a6715e0c819f4281a6f3fa4c7a88e  aspera-faspex-
  • c5249a8b8cf25b5135042335d14f0ecc  aspera-faspex-
  • 873e3c06a12888500d7d4714cfc4c9a1  aspera-common-
  • 812fbbe8b33054f8738998dd97adb17c  aspera-common-

Previous Release Notes
For more information about the complete list of What’s New, Fixed Issues, and Known Issues in 2.6.x, please see the 2.6.0 release notes.
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