faspex 2.6.6 Release Notes

faspex™ 2.6.6 Release Notes
Version: 2.6.6
Created: March 15, 2012
Platform: Windows, Linux
  • A new license is required to use Faspex 2.6.6 if upgrading from Faspex 2.6.1 or prior. Please contact Aspera Technical Support at support@asperasoft.comThis is a NO Charge replacement license.
  • Before starting an upgrade from Faspex 2.6.5 on Windows, please contact Aspera Technical Support at support@asperasoft.com for assistance.

Fixed Issues
  • Fixed issue where having no Faspex license would trigger the grace period. (#14062)
  • Fixed uninstallation error on Windows (#14331)
  • Fixed installation error on Windows XP and 2003 when installing from a remote desktop session. (#14436)
  • Fixed the transfer server errors reported in the node poller logs due to multibyte characters. (#12009, 14365) Contact Aspera Technical Support at support@asperasoft.com for the Enterprise Server patch.

Package Information
  • ba70df086dcbb30ca45b4d8685e2818407e7f337 aspera-faspex-
  • d4cb1b5faf3670a3c30a44c64b4262d391bc5a39 aspera-faspex-
  • a0238a05739ce63934243c8207b530d7b03fb60c AsperaFaspex-
  • b584a6f98f14158ebd07b64cbbec5962aa245d8b aspera-common-
  • 5bd7e6c5b37fec300de8317d29746a8da154b58b aspera-common-

  • 90b8674bc954f76de97c324c9a19ed40 aspera-faspex-
  • ade9d77edc552eedaf6d6584e189b259 aspera-faspex-
  • 630c9c0ad05fbf4f04b734f97f8d300b AsperaFaspex-
  • 4351ff84d30768774968fe04d1b97661 aspera-common-
  • 0b8a7846402aa1b313095687a5e1dfc2 aspera-common-

Previous Release Notes

For more information about the complete list of What’s New, Fixed Issues, and Known Issues in 2.6.x, please see the release notes.
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