iOS Faspex Mobile App 1.1 Release Notes

iOS Faspex Client 1.1 Release Notes


  • The iOS Faspex app requires your Faspex server to be at the current 2.6.6 or 3.0.x level. 
  • Your Faspex transfer server(s) and Faspex server itself must be mobile-enabled in their licenses. All Aspera eval licenses are mobile-enabled by default.
  • iOS Faspex app users must have accounts on the Faspex server. 



  • Improved media picker that also allows picking multiple items on the iPhone
  • Simplified and improved video compression settings, including a setting to send “raw” video
  • Photos and videos shot within the application are now automatically saved to the phone’s photo gallery
  • Geolocation information is now included with images and videos taken within the application
  • Image EXIF metadata is now respected for all images when saved into or generated by the application
  • Modified camera on iPad so it can now be used in the portrait orientation
  • Autocomplete mechanism added to recipients field with suggestions made from previously sent packages (only from packages sent with v1.1 or higher of the application)
  • Support for extended account configuration parameters (e.g., HTTP vs. HTTPS, different ports, etc.)
  • Deleting a sent or pending package from the sent packages view will now remove the associated transfer from the queue view
  • The standard iOS network activity indicator is now used to indicate when the application is actively sending or receiving over the network

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed critical bug that prevented over-the-wire encryption from working correctly (#15099)
  • Fixed bug that caused mis-sized thumbnails to sometimes overlap (#15354)
  • Fixed a bug that intermittently caused a crash when deleting packages from the sent-packages view (#15982, #15984)
  • Fixed a problem that caused full-screen preview of images with portrait orientations to appear stretched (#16108)
  • Fixed a problem that prevented package forwards within the same account to appear in the inbox if the original package was still present (#16211)
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented package size from appearing in the queue view for small packages (#16161)
  • In the event that a correctly-configured account is modified so that it fails re-configuration, pressing ‘cancel’ will now discard the new invalid configuration parameters in favor of the previous valid ones  (#15800)
  • Pressing cancel in the account-editor on the very first run no longer leaves an ‘unnamed’ account in the account list (#15800)
  • Package recipients field now uses default rather than url keyboard

Known Issues:

  • On an iPad, rotating the device into portrait mode while composing a package and then pressing the camera button will bring up the camera dialog with incorrectly transformed view, showing the content rotated 90 degrees with respect to the device. Resolution: when wishing to take a picture in portrait mode on iPad, launch the camera while still in landscape mode and only then rotate into portrait mode
  • When connected to a Faspex 2.6 server, package forwards will not appear in a user’s inbox if a previous copy of the same package is present in the same account
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