Transfer on Demand 3.1 Release Notes

NOTE:  Please do not use this version due to known issues, use Aspera On Demand v.3.2.2 instead. 

Release Date: 8/2/2012

  • Requires Safenet entitlement for Enterprise Server / ascp


  • Includes Enterprise Server 2.8.2
  • New license entitlement engine through Safenet integration
  • Support for Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)/Elastic IP (EIP)
    • Automatically falls back to the available IP/hostname
    • New tool to reconfigure AOD for a different IP address/hostname
  • Includes 16 GB swapfile
  • Includes Cloud-Init package
  • Changed default SSH login user from root to ec2-user for added security

Known Issues

  • No system password has been set for the xfer and xfer2 accounts.
  • Swapfile may not be available immediately after initial AMI launch.  It may take up to 10 minutes to be generated.
  • Console is not included in this version.

AMI Information

AMI Region
ami-a5e148cc us-east-1
ami-1d95b058 us-west-1
ami-a6b23d96 us-west-2
ami-1da3a769 eu-west-1
ami-4859181a ap-southeast-1
ami-a0f34ea1 ap-northeast-1
ami-1673ad0b sa-east-1

Package Information

  • aspera-entsrv-
  • aspera-ec2-tools-1.0.7-54327.noarch.rpm
  • aspera-ec2-init-tod-3.1.0-56813.noarch.rpm
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