Aspera Faspex Mobile for iOS 1.2.0 Now Available in the iOS App Store

We are delighted to announce the immediate availability of Aspera Faspex Mobile for iOS 1.2.0 in the iOS App Store.  Aspera Faspex Mobile is our iOS app for composing, sending and receiving Faspex packages on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad).

This is a small release intended to support the iPhone 5 (4" retina) device type and iOS 6.

New in Aspera Mobile Faspex for iOS 1.2.0


  1. The iPhone 5 device form-factor (4" display) is now supported. (#17612)
  2. The model information reported in the "send logs" email is now includes new devices like the iPhone 5.


  • Account configuration fails when no Faspex URL suffix is specified. (#16631)
  • When running in iOS 6, error messages about Location Services and Photos privacy can be confusing. (#17609)
  • If receiving an EAR package, the download of a single item appears to cause download of all items, where in reality only the selected item was downloaded and the other items are inaccessible without an app restart. (#17087)
  • Package sending or downloading can fail when the package title or notes contain certain special characters. (#17842, #18127)
  • Files with certain special characters in the file name disappear from received package. (#18169)
  • Package sending can fail if the sender or recipients have special characters in their Faspex user names. (#18355)
  • On iPad and iOS6 when short-press playing a video from a received package, the |<< back and >>| forward controls don't work, showing Copy button when pressed. (#18639)
  • During package composition the Send button can be pressed twice quickly in succession, resulting in two deliveries of same package. (#17613)
  • Package with special characters in name (Title) shows with one version of title in Received view and a slightly different version in the queue view. (#18589)
  • After first trying invalid username, getting "an account with this username .. already exists" when username is corrected and  resubmitted. (#18590)
  • With many queued items in transfer view, the bottom row (which is the active transfer) does not fully show. (#18152)
  • Download can show as Queued in transfer view without corresponding spinner over the item in the received package view. (#18436)
  • When adding video to a draft package, the view after Cancel / Save Draft of the draft shows assets in a disorganized fashion. (#18587)
  • App crash under some circumstances when user defines a second account with same parameters as the first account. Note: this version will no longer allow multiple accounts to be created with the same parameters.
  • App crash can occur when clearing the transfer view in the midst of many back-to-back transfers. (#18354, #18394, #18438)
  • App crash after clicking an action in the popup after pressing Cancel more than once to leave a delivery that's being composed. (#18241)

For assistance in upgrading your Aspera Faspex Mobile software to version 1.2.0, please contact

We hope you enjoy the updated Faspex app, and thank you for your continued product feedback and support!

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