iOS Faspex Client 1.2 Release Notes

iOS Faspex Client 1.2 Release Notes
Platform: iOS 5 and 6
Created: December 19, 2012

iOS Faspex Client 1.2 is primarily a bug-fix release, but also is enhanced to support iOS 6 and the new iPhone 5.


  • The iOS Faspex app requires iOS 5 or 6 on your iOS device.
  • The iOS Faspex app requires your Faspex server to be at the current 2.6.6, 3.0.x or 3.1.x level. 
  • Your Faspex transfer server(s) and Faspex server itself must be mobile-enabled in their licenses. All Aspera evaluation licenses are mobile-enabled by default.
  • iOS Faspex app users must have accounts on the Faspex server. 


What's New:

  • Support for the new iPhone 5 device screen dimensions. (#17612)

Bug fixes:

  •  Account configuration fails when no Faspex URL suffix is specified. (#16631)
  • When running in iOS 6, error messages about Location Services and Photos privacy can be confusing. (#17609)
  • If receiving an EAR package, the download of a single item appears to cause download of all items, where in reality only the selected item was downloaded and the other items are inaccessible without an app restart. (#17087)
  • Package sending or downloading can fail when the package title or notes contain certain special characters. (#17842, #18127)
  • Files with certain special characters in the file name disappear from received package. (#18169)
  • Package sending can fail if the sender or recipients have special characters in their Faspex user names. (#18355)
  • On iPad and iOS6 when short-press playing a video from a received package, the |<< back and >>| forward controls don't work, showing Copy button when pressed. (#18639)
  • During package composition the Send button can be pressed twice quickly in succession, resulting in two deliveries of same package. (#17613)
  • Package with special characters in name (Title) shows with one version of title in Received view and a slightly different version in the queue view. (#18589)
  • After first trying invalid username, getting "an account with this username .. already exists" when username is corrected and  resubmitted. (#18590)
  • With many queued items in transfer view, the bottom row (which is the active transfer) does not fully show. (#18152)
  • Download can show as Queued in transfer view without corresponding spinner over the item in the received package view. (#18436)
  • When adding video to a draft package, the view after Cancel / Save Draft of the draft shows assets in a disorganized fashion. (#18587)
  • App crash under some circumstances when user defines a second account with same parameters as the first account. Note: this version will no longer allow multiple accounts to be created with the same parameters.
  • App crash can occur when clearing the transfer view in the midst of many back-to-back transfers. (#18354, #18394, #18438)
  • App crash after clicking an action in the popup after pressing Cancel more than once to leave a delivery that's being composed. (#18241(

Known Issues:


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