Aspera on Demand 3.2.1 Release Notes

NOTE:  Aspera on Demand release 3.2.1 is deprecated, use Aspera On Demand v.3.2.2 instead. 


Aspera On-Demand Line Release Notes
Version: 3.2.1
Created: December 21, 2012
Modified: December 21, 2012

What’s New

  • Fix ALEE crash (#18348)
  • Set minimum Connect version to 2.7.8 in Faspex and Shares (#18600, #18753)
  • Fix Central restart issue (#18134)
  • Manage the node via the ‘root’ user rather than ‘aspadmin’ (#18134)
  • Fix default docroots for xfer and xfer2 accounts (#17844)

Known Issues

  • None

AMI Information*

Login Information

  • Login via ec2-user account using the key that the AMI was launched with.
  • The ec2-user has sudo access.

Aspera Platform On Demand / Server On Demand (APOD / SOD)

Region AMI
us-east-1 ami-a72aa7ce
us-west-1 ami-3e52727b
us-west-2 ami-7a36be4a
eu-west-1 ami-023a3676
ap-southeast-1 ami-d1337183
sa-east-1 ami-26e63e3b
ap-northeast-1 ami-fc73c8fd

Aspera Platform On Demand / Server On Demand w/o Console (APOD/SOD-WOC)

Region AMI
us-east-1 ami-f3921e9a
us-west-1 ami-3851717d
us-west-2 ami-7c35bd4c
eu-west-1 ami-e2383496
ap-southeast-1 ami-41337113
sa-east-1 ami-80e53d9d
ap-northeast-1 ami-4873c849

Faspex On Demand (FOD)

Region AMI
us-east-1 ami-9777fafe
us-west-1 ami-06527243
us-west-2 ami-ee35bdde
eu-west-1 ami-9a3935ee
ap-southeast-1 ami-07337155
sa-east-1 ami-00e63e1d
ap-northeast-1 ami-c273c8c3

Shares On Demand (SHOD)

Region AMI
us-east-1 ami-957af7fc
us-west-1 ami-ec5272a9
us-west-2 ami-6836be58
eu-west-1 ami-f83a368c
ap-southeast-1 ami-d933718b
sa-east-1 ami-54e63e49
ap-northeast-1 ami-0c72c90d

Package Information

APOD / SOD (aspera-apod-sod-12.img)

  • aspera-entsrv-
  • aspera-ec2-init-todc-3.2.1-66959.noarch.rpm
  • aspera-ec2-tools-1.0.7-61384.noarch.rpm
  • aspera-common-
  • aspera-shares-
  • aspera-console-

APOD / SOD w/o Console (aspera-apod-sod-woc-8.img)

  • aspera-entsrv-
  • aspera-ec2-init-tod-3.2.1-66959.noarch.rpm
  • aspera-ec2-tools-1.0.7-67074.noarch.rpm

FOD (aspera-fod-27.img)

  • aspera-entsrv-
  • aspera-common-
  • aspera-ec2-init-fod-3.2.1-66912.noarch.rpm
  • aspera-ec2-tools-1.0.7-54382.noarch.rpm
  • aspera-faspex-

SHOD (aspera-shod-52.img)

  • aspera-entsrv-
  • aspera-common-
  • aspera-ec2-init-3.2.1-66912.noarch.rpm
  • aspera-ec2-tools-1.0.7-54327.noarch.rpm
  • aspera-shares-
  • aspera-console-


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