faspex™ 3.0.4 Release Notes

faspex™ 3.0.4 Release Notes

Version: 3.0.4
Created: October 2, 2012
What’s New
  • Bug fixes.
  • Security enhancement - Faspex will confirm whether or not the name in your TLS security certificate matches your mail server's configured address (fully qualified domain name and/or IP address).

Fixed Issues
  • (#17663) When using a dropbox-submission link or external package-received link, users are redirected to the login page if the browser contains an expired session from before.
  • (#17689) Upon upgrading to v3.0.3, some external delivery links may no longer work.
  • (#17700) When the same external delivery link is opened in two browser tabs, the sender is logged out of faspex.
  • (#17724) Using the faspex API, a send-to-service call with an “Accept” header results in an unsupported-format error.

Package Information

sha1sum value:
  • 1b2692176457aedd071d92c309fbc48d35685fa6  aspera-faspex-
  • f380654203cebb5ada843002d24ac8700ab4712d  aspera-faspex-
  • f5598a5980f5a7f35fc9d8ac5e2a2d455bb78eeb  AsperaFaspex-

  • 05351b7ae77c4327b1494646e69529b8  aspera-faspex-
  • 869a8f0a4f1714d5a52ee14e0444c5ea  aspera-faspex-
  • b5f0f3cc01f4563f0ef039c4caa83ace  AsperaFaspex-

Previous Release Notes
  • For more information about the complete list of What’s New, Fixed Issues, and Known Issues in 3.0.x, please see the 3.0.3 release notes.
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