Sync 1.2.2 Release Notes

Version 1.2.2
Created: March 14, 2012

What’s New
  • New DB logging options, “-b” and “-B” set the DB logging directories. The option “--force-db-dir” has been removed. (#13666)
  • Added FILE START entry in log file. (#13791)

Fixed Issues
  • Fixed async hang during synchronization between different systems. (#14068)
  • Fixed failures due to Japanese characters in the filename (#14270)
  • Fixed Windows errors when copying many small files in continuous mode (#14310)
  • Fixed “-d” option to work with a directory containing Japanese characters. (#13825)
  • Fixed start up errors on Windows 7. (#14036)
  • Fixed memory leaks when sync performs lots of syncs and deletes. (#9824)
  • Fixed issues in the initial scan. (#13968)
  • Fixed issue where filters worked differently on Windows and Linux. (#13935)
  • Fix DB errors when there are duplicate node IDs in the snap db. (#13723)

Package Information
sha1sum value:
  • e81fa6c916b9e76767ea995cc88cd93ab677944c

  • 3ae4cd3fc79304f845ad2b07ef0a5c9c
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