Sync 1.4.2 Release Notes

Product Release: July 8, 2013

Release Notes Updated: July 8, 2013


This major release of Aspera Sync 1.4.2 provides many new capabilities and several important defect fixes.

•         A new de-duplication capability (“–dedup) allows async to identify file paths already in its snap database and create hardlinks at the destination (avoiding transfer and storage of files already at the destination).

•         New configurable maximum pending number allows for maximum parallelism and synchronization speed when de-duplication is high.

•         Include and exclude filters are now supported in continuous mode (in addition to one-time mode), and are implemented to avoid all unnecessary operations on excluded paths for fastest performance.

•         Cooloff interval is now configurable (for maximum performance).

•         On Windows, new capability skips files that would yield a sharing violation and retries these paths a configurable number of times.

•         async responds to cancel and rate control management and is fully manageable within Console 1.7 and higher.

•         async reports all per file and cumulative statistics to Console 1.7 and higher.

•         asyncadmin and async support automatic expiration of lock files fixing issues with lingering lock files

•         async is now available for Solaris, BSD 64-bit

•         async supports manifest file creation at the initiator and at the remote.

•         async supports automatic migration of the snapshot database

•         async has new options to set (force) the uid and gid on sync’d paths at the target

•         async checks hostname of the remote peer and ignores IP changes in the local endpoint, resolving issues with remote endpoint checking in environments with variable IPs

•         async has new option to specify the remote command executed

•         asyncadmin now reports files in conflict, syncd, and pending separately and reports the status of an individual file by file name; asyncadmin also supports new version command (-v)

•         many enhancements in async logging, including option to pass the log file size (“:NNNN”) before rotation and reports last run time, and time since last run

•         Performance and scalability improvements for async reporting (eliminating the slowdown that previously occurred at around 100,000 files).

•         Multiple bugs fixes (see FIXED ISSUES section)


Changes since Aspera Sync 1.3.

•         #12309 - delete of file not replicated from client to server with overwrite=older

•         #14310 - windows errors copying many small files in continuous

•         #14625 - sync2 conflicts in unidirectional overwrite=always

•         #17142 - snapshot db journal grows too large, interferes with startup

•         #17473 - sync2 needs to reclaim stale locks  

•         #17853 - async windows failures or conflicts when source file in use (error 32 sharing violation)

•         #18372 - async on windows fails files that are temporary in

•         #18926 - async on remote getting notification for .private-asp

•         #19405 - Renaming a file/folder causes status change to

•         #19497 - async runs into too many files open error after 2000-3000

•         #19654 - async push retransfers changed file (or marks CONFLICT) even if same as destination

•         #19939 - async reporting suffers major slowdown when trimming redis lists to activity_files_max

•         #20220 - local delete everything under -d, some directories not deleted on remote

•         #20795 - async receiver doesn't prune journal if no new messages from peer

•         #20988 - async with preexisting files and overwrite older deletes all file records at cleanup

•         #21112 - async restart with journal fails for overwritten entries

•         #21433 - async fails to restart with large journal  

•         #21783 - async error reading large journal 5MB+

•         #9824 - Memory leak when sync performing lots of sync / delete   

•         #12557 - sync2 windows non c: drive target does not seem to work (UNC)

•         #13001 - asyncadmin new option -t and -p

•         #13619 - sync to support password by environment variable

•         #13825 - Win - Directory containing Japanase characters cannot be used for -d

•         #13935 - file excluded by filter on one OS but works on other OS   

•         #14212 - sync2 continuous - move excluded file to non-excluded doesn't sync

•         #14270 - japanese characters in file causes failures sometimes  

•         #14500 - win-win, PUSH, one time, conflict when renaming not empty directory with Unicode name

•         #14525 - win-win, PUSH, one time, "--[in/ex]clude": async doesn't handle Unicode characters in filter rules

•         #14552 - win-win, PUSH, continuous, async doesn't recognize any changes in the source directory with Unicode name  

•         #14649 - win-win, PUSH, continuous, some files are not synchronized after copying many small files   

•         #16787 - Trying to pull from C:/ causes async.exe to crash   

•         #16805 - Directory paths that are too long for windows causes sync to hang   

•         #17397 - async crashs systematically after it was stopped during the db clean up

•         #17815 - symbolic links are not copied over async sessions when the inode format is hash   

•         #17930 - async windows to support long paths

•         #18009 - async symlink timestamp are not honored

•         #18048 - symlink not copied when hash inode is used

•         #18808 - async reports .private-asp files

•         #18841 - async (API): async pull; dest. files already exists - reporting bytes transferred is incorrect in Console   

•         #18842 - async (API): async PUSH; dest. files already exists - reporting to Console files` size is incorrect

•         #18940 - async (API): incomplete list of files returned when using "status" filtering

•         #19038 - async crash continuous mode with file with

•         #19100 - async reports host name over management instead of IP address

•         #19537 - Stopping and Restarting async Causes FNIDs to get out of sync in the status cache 1.4.2

•         #20894 - async windows doesn't support long paths

•         #20937 - async ERR when --server-command and -R used

•         #8000 - sync libssh2 requires public key present for private key

•         #10070 - async allows any chars for -N, asyncadmin rename only allows [A-Za-z0-9_]*


•         #11551 - Group settings in Server Configuration > Users are not being inherited by the group members.

•         #17219 - Shutting down Windows when transfers are running stops all transfers without notice.

•         #18659 - Searching with very long pathnames (over 520 characters) results in an “insufficient buffer space” error.

•         #20553 - Trap fails to start on a system with 1GB memory while shared memory is enabled.

•         #20779 - The Connect Server Web UI does not respect Groups configuration settings on Windows Server 2012. It restricts privileges of the user running IIS and we are not able to query group membership of the logged-in user. As a consequence, aspera.conf group settings do not apply.


•         Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7, 8, 2012

•         Linux with kernel 2.4 or higher and libc version GLIB 2.3.4+


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•         Aspera Sync 1.4.2 Admin Guide (Windows) 

•         Aspera Sync 1.4.2 Admin Guide (Linux) 


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