Sync 1.2.0 Release Notes

Version 1.2.0
Created: February 10, 2012
Updated: February 13, 2012
What’s New
  • Windows support
  • Multiple sync sessions have their own databases under a folder hierarchy, easier management, performance improvement
  • Support for cluster, supports named location for a shared db across nodes
  • 2-3X performance increase for datasets that are scan intensive with large numbers of very small files
  • Hard links on linux
  • Disable check sum calculation for high speed transfers (for archive)
  • Create directory for unidirectional sync if directory does not exist
  • Async status (mgmt app) allows graceful shutdown of sync session
  • Robustness, around retry in case of network or io failures (add PID to log file)

Fixed Issues
  • Various bug fixes in include / exclude, more rsync compatibility

Known Issues
  • The exit value from asyncadmin -T is not meaningful on Windows XP and 2003 (#12298)
  • If files contain "\" or new line, async will try to transfer but fail, causing the internal transfer queue to become full and the synchronization to stall (or hang after all the other files have completed.) (#13761)
  • Sync never completes when a directory is renamed during a transfer. (#13645)
  • Top-level source directories with Unicode characters are not handled properly. It will be added in an upcoming release. (#13825, #13826, #13827)

Package Information
sha1sum value:
  • 5b7c5b68e5744baebf5d81d4212491949e1ad9a6  aspera-sync-1.2.50227-2-linux-32.tar
  • bbb278c7551efaafcd323525a7b519acfc1ee67b  aspera-sync-1.2.50227-2-linux-64.tar
  • 3d20a69c7d0d06d35a429028c6fe5a956765a40a

MD5sum value:
  • 576ead4fc0494550d7fd7321b385c98b  aspera-sync-1.2.50227-2-linux-32.tar
  • 3880b1f09ddd2b5f10a7bc0cd9596c06  aspera-sync-1.2.50227-2-linux-64.tar
  • 4f938df382e5acdc067622e45b961d35
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