Sync 1.1.0 Release Notes

Version 1.1.0
Created: 8/24/2011
Updated: 8/26/2011
What’s New
  • Rules may be specified on the command line (e.g. "--exclude PATTERN") or read from a file (e.g. "--exclude-from=FILE") to make async skip or include certain directories and files.
  • Overwrite rules that apply to uni-directional synchronizations.
  • Option for preserving access time (atime)
Known Issues
  • On unidirectional with overwrite, if a directory is deleted at the destination, new files in that directory (at the source) will not be sync'd. Workaround: The work around is to run with -x, which recreates all directories and files that have been deleted at the destination.
  • If you run unidirectional without overwrite=always (which is now the default by the way) and a file gets in conflict, then rerun async but now specify overwrite=always, it doesn't clear the conflict automatically. Workaround: The work around is to not do that (just say overwrite=always from the beginning, which is the default, so basically don't specify a different overwrite), or use asyncadmin -C to clear conflicts.
Package Information
  • b10098cec69dc2f617518eef332294f0  aspera-sync-1.1.43781-2-linux-32.tar
  • 010a7d5c9562dd0014b0541f7bb61f47  aspera-sync-1.1.43781-2-linux-64.tar
  • 28fb9aeb2974f789df0b07c78a6ede05570f5447  aspera-sync-1.1.43781-2-linux-32.tar
  • 633f6dd20757551e038680d2bc9cc7d1013cf9d1  aspera-sync-1.1.43781-2-linux-64.tar
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