Sync 1.4.1 Release Notes

Version 1.4.1
Created: February 12, 2013


Introducing the new Sync 1.4.1! The latest version of Aspera Sync features the following: 

Integrated Reporting and Management in Console

Full integration with Aspera Console 1.7 for global visibility into sync sessions and activity. The following Sync information is readily accessible from Console:


  1. async session name
  2. session state, including the async session's status and synced files
  3. async source and destination
  4. transfer statistics, including session start/end date and time, time elapsed, bytes transferred and written, average rate, network delay, and session ID
  5. async job details, including:
  1. local and remote server details, and session statistics (i.e., how many paths are synced/pending/conflicted/deleted/in error state)
  2. transfer rate graph (Mbps vs time)
  3. synced file information (i.e., filename, status, size, and date/time modified)


In addition, users can also pause, resume and manage priority and speed control for Sync sessions.

Advanced Features

  1. Rich include and exclude filters, full support for soft and hard links
  2. Preserves access time, user and group IDs
  3. Supports configurable user and group ID for the target system.
  4. File-level de-duplication eliminates unnecessary transfers, reduces sync times and reduces storage use

Enhanced iNode support

Universal support for Virtual iNode in file systems that do not have constant iNodes


  1. Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7 and 8
  2. Linux (RedHat or Debian) with kernel 2.4 or higher and libc version GLIB 2.3.4 or higher.


  1. Sync 1.3.1
  2. Sync 1.3.0
  3. Sync 1.2.2
  4. Sync 1.2.1
  5. Sync 1.2.0
  6. Sync 1.1.0



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  1. Admin Guide: Sync 1.4.1 for Windows
  2. Admin Guide: Sync 1.4.1 for Linux


For online support resources for Aspera products, including raising new support tickets, please visit our Support Portal. Note that you may have an existing account if you contacted our support team in the past. Before creating a new account, first try setting a password for the email that you use to interact with us. You may also call one of our regional support centers.

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