Sync 1.3.0 Release Notes

Version 1.3.0
Created: September 20, 2012
What’s New

  • General bug fixes
  • New async option: --cooloff. Number of seconds to delay the start of the transfer. Please refer to documentation for detailed usage.
  • New async option: --inode-format=hash. Enables the SHA-1 virtual inode.
  • Updated behavior for -L and -R. The -L and -R options to redirect log output are passed along to the ascp program that actually performs transfers.
  • New async options: --user and --host. These options may be used any time async is run, but their purpose is to allow more freedom in the set of characters that may appear in remote-user, remote-host, and remote-directory names. In particular, when option --user=NAME is given, the character '@' is no longer treated specially in the argument to -r, so may appear in any such name. Similarly, when option --host=HOST is given, the characters '@' and ':' may be used in any of those names. Please refer to documentation for usage and examples.
    • Note that Connect now allows “@” and “:” in user and host names.
  • New async options: --write-uid=UID, --write-gid=GID. ID may be numeric, or by name. If by name, name is looked up on host actually performing the write. Failing to set the IDs is logged, but is not an error. IDs are set after ascp completes, and before moving the file from the staging directory to final location. Conflicts with --preserve-uid/-gid.
  • New async option: dedup. Hardlinks are created on duplicate files (i.e., file deduplication).
  • New async options: --preserve-access-time, --preserve-creation-time and --preserve-modification-time.
    • --preserve-access-time: Set the access time of the destination file to the same value as that of the source file.
    • --preserve-creation-time: Set the creation time of the destination file to the same value as that of the source file.
    • --preserve-modification-time: Set the modification time of the destination file to the same value as that of the source file.
  • New asyncadmin option: --file-prefix=PREFIX. List only files starting with the specified prefix.
  • New asyncadmin option: --bad-files. Similar to -f but only reporting files in error or conflict states.
  • Transfers started by async v1.3+ can be controlled from within the Enterprise Server (ES) / Connect Server (CS) GUI. Canceling an async transfer within ES or CS will shut down async.
  • Added file system scan and monitoring event logs for debugging

Known Issues

  • (#5527) The application may not respond cleanly to the file system it uses becoming full. After making more room, it may be necessary to forcibly shut it down and rebuild the snapshot database before normal operation is restored.
  • (#8000) async requires that both the public (e.g. and private (e.g. id_rsa) key files be present when connecting to a server. Some other Aspera products do not require the public key file to be present.
  • (#8412) A backslash (\) in filename produces an error.
  • (#9126) The application logs events at a fast rate. The log destination must have room for big log files.
  • (#11525) When running -K PUSH or PULL and --overwrite=always (the default), directories that the user has deleted on the receiving end (but needed to correctly mirror operations on the sender) are quietly re-created.
  • (#12241) To release note: if keep-dir is used, "failed to delete" needs to be interpreted as "failed to move to the keep-dir directory"
  • (#12298) Due to a bug in Windows XP and 2003, the result code from asyncadmin -T is not meaningful.
  • (#12309) On a Windows server, when you run async as a PUSH, in continuous mode, with overwrite=older, a file deletion on the client will not be replicated on the server. This is a corner case (push mode, don't keep file time, delete a file), so this behavior will be left as-is.
  • (#12807) The default filter specification, when no user rules match, is "--include '*' --include '.*'. This is compatible with the behavior when no --in/exclude directives appear.
  • (#13403) On a Windows server, the async.exe process is left running when the async program is terminated abnormally or the subprocess (ascp) is killed.
  • (#14504) When scanning or monitoring a file system for changes, async will now skip over files with names that end in one of the special suffixes specified in the configuration file, <resume_suffix> and <partial_file_suffix>. To disable this behavior, you may set these values to the empty string. <resume_suffix> defaults to ".aspx". <partial_file_suffix> defaults to the empty string, but is often set to ".partial".
  • (#13645) Sync never completes when a directory is renamed during a transfer.
  • (#13761) If filenames contain "\" or new line, async will try to transfer but fail, causing the internal transfer queue to become full and the synchronization to stall (or hang after all the other files have completed.
  • (#13825, #13826, #13827, #13833) Limited Unicode filename support on Windows.

Package Information
sha1sum value:
  • eb0f2b33c152823ef5c5a8c9af21b0973a7e22f9  aspera-sync-
  • 56828cbaab8d44f98a12aa5840b8ff3e2667e2dd  aspera-sync-
  • baaadb9b784e4db8276973886cd52e07a0ac292e

  • 0d2283983a99da0b518f48e1df099a36  aspera-sync-
  • f352e69d5ca4e8edcc6ecafe6b0bb8ab  aspera-sync-
  • 3f2d09a3e4d97dba3b9edfd2de712d04
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