Aspera Faspex Mobile for iOS 2.0.0 Release Notes

iOS Faspex Mobile 2.0.0 Release Notes

Product Release (in the iOS App Store): Dec 30, 2013

Release Notes Updated: Dec 30, 2013



This is a major new version focused on providing support for the Faspex server-side dropbox metadata features.

  • If your account is a member of a dropbox workgroup, you are prompted to choose the type of package you want to send - regular or dropbox.

  • Any metadata specified for the dropbox from the server side is included in the compose view to be filled in by the user. Required metadata items (and To/Title) are bolded.

  • Packages received via a dropbox will have any entered metadata shown in the received view.

Other new features include:

  • Videos and images can be named by the user in packages the are being composed for sending. Long-press added items to enter a name.

  • Received packages are displayed with the sizes of the items contained in them.

  • When running on the iPhone, the user can now select multiple items at one time from the Photos gallery picker. The picker now shows the total number of selected items.

  • Refreshing the inbox no longer blocks interaction with the inbox view. You can now do things like compose a new package or receive a package while the inbox is being refreshed.

  • Incorporates an up-to-date fasp release (3.3), including support for the new mobile-friendly rate controller.

  • Cached/remembered recipient addresses are now displayed with a cleaner visual treatment.

  • Swipe-delete is now supported in the transfer queue view, and in the Drafts and Saved views.

  • EAR (Encryption-At-Rest) packages are now always downloaded in encrypted form, with a new Decrypt button (a “key”) which can be used to prompt for the EAR password and decrypt the package assets.



#19705 - App accepts bogus host names like ""

#21508 - Message for invalid password (after it changed on the server) should be made nore clear

#23600 - Send to non-existent user shows "Package creation failed" when a message more specific to the non-existent user would be more helpful

#23744 - Accounts view: very hard to get "Edit Account" button to respond to taps



#23711 - Cannot send package to Faspex 3.1.x due to "No items to upload!" even though items were selected to be uploaded (Circumvention: In the Faspex 3.1.x server-side settings for the user, check in the “Allowed to” section: “Create packages from remote sources”)

#23884 - Cannot receive workgroup package via faspex-pkg scheme - get "could not load package: invalid credentials (regular packages can be accessed via the faspex-pkg URL scheme)

#23897 - Package with metadata composed in iOS app and presented to server via JSON /send API results in package having mis-ordered metadata items when viewed in the server web UI

#22370 - Changes to a user’s dropbox membership or other dropbox changes are not automatically detected by the app (even in the case of an upgrade to 2.0.0), requiring the user to re-configure the account (Circumvention: After a user is added to a dropbox, re-configure the account in the app [navigate to the account and press Configure])

#22269 - Cannot connect to faspex server with as a SAML user from iOS faspex client



Faspex server support - This version is tested and supported on Faspex 3.1.1 or greater.


iOS OS support - This version requires iOS 6.0 or greater.






The application is delivered as an install or update from the iOS App Store.






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