Console 2.3.0 Release Notes

Console 2.3.0 Release Notes


Product Release: Feb 13, 2014

Release Notes Updated: Feb 11, 2014

What’s New

This release of Aspera Console provides the following new features and corrects the issues described below in Issues Fixed.

•         On the Session Notifications page (accessed through the link on the Session Detail page) each listed notification message now has a resend link, which allows you to send the message again. This can be useful in cases where recipients are not receiving messages due to email server or configuration issues. The listing for each message also indicates whether it was sent as a result of a resend.

•         Search and filter boxes on the Session Details page and Simple/Smart Transfer pages no longer use wildcards and instead use “search within”—for example, “foo” will match “123foo”, “foo456”, “123foo456”. An asterisk is now treated as a literal “*”.

•         Support for Aspera Sync 1.5. Console 2.3.0 also works with Sync 1.4.

•         You can now update the Console license directly from the UI. If a license is missing or expired, administrators can still log in and update the license.

•         Console now supports the use of SAML for Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication.

•         Console now includes transfer proxy support, configurable in the Connection section for either simple or smart transfers.

•         Both simple and smart transfer configuration now includes an Initiator option, which allows the user to specify that a transfer should be initiated from the destination node.

•         A new option, Configuration > Defaults > Smart Transfer Start Permissions, if enabled, allows users whose transfer path includes “Any”, or addresses without a username, to start any matching smart transfer that’s shared and uses admin-created (non-personal) endpoints.

•         The Configuration > Defaults page has a new section called Report Generation, which provides options for configuring size limits on reports or email attachments.

For new features and changes introduced with the major release, 2.0, see Console 2.0.0 Release Notes.

Issues Fixed

•         #18084 - Allow use of 4-character Create Mode and Grant Mask.

•         #21981 - Console now logs error info if it’s unable to connect to MySQL database.

•         #22688 - Bad XML in asws_node_response now generates error “Node Connection problem” instead of 500 error.

•         #23288 - Smart/simple transfers that succeeded but were marked as "Transfer not started or not logged" now send emails indicating success.

•         #23524 - Toggle of 'Use SSH Key' now correctly toggles between displaying setup keys and login/password confirmation fields.

•         #23532 - File searches in Console now consistently use “search within” and no wildcards. (See What’s New above.)

•         #23778 - Data purges now clean up purge and dbu tables automatically when finished.


The known issues described in the 2.0.1 release notes are still current for release 2.3.0.

•         #21099 - When adding a Windows node to Console, if the administrative credentials provided are for a user who has never logged in to the machine, Console is unable to detect the node's product version. As a result, the node cannot be configured to use SSH Tunneling and a message is displayed: "SSH Tunneling only supported on nodes running Aspera Enterprise Server 2.7 or higher.” WORKAROUND: The issue can be solved by either logging in to the machine once as the administrator user, or changing the administrative credentials to those of a user who has previously logged in. This enables the checkbox for using SSH Tunneling.

•         #22303 - Scheduled smart transfers that were created before upgrading continue to use old behavior, displaying dates/times using the timezone of the transfer requester rather than trying to look up the recipient's time zone. WORKAROUND: To force an upgrade to the new behavior, edit the smart transfer, remove the email notifications, save, then re-edit and add the email notifications back in.

•         #22396 - If email notifications are configured for specific transfer paths on a user’sPreferences > Email Notifications page, these settings are not honored when the user clicks the Rerun link on the Activity page on a transfer that started before upgrading Console. WORKAROUND: To avoid this problem, start the transfer again instead of using the Rerun link.


•         Windows XP (32- and 64-bit), 2003 R2 (64-bit), 2008 R2 (64-bit)

•         Linux RHEL (32- and 64-bit), CentOS (32- and 64-bit)

•         (Linux only) Aspera Common Components 1.2.9

•         Firefox 4+, Safari 5.1+, IE 7+, or Google Chrome


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•         Aspera Console 2.3.0 Admin Guide (Windows) 

•         Aspera Console 2.3.0 Admin Guide (Linux) 

•         Aspera Console 2.3.0 User Guide 


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