Aspera Enterprise Server, Connect Server, Point-to-Point, and Client 3.4.4

Release Notes: Aspera Enterprise Server, Connect Server, Point-to-Point, and Client 3.4.4

Product Release: Mar 14, 2014
Release Notes Updated: Mar 14, 2014


Release 3.4.4 is an update of Aspera Enterprise Server, Connect Server, Point-to-Point, and Client. For new features introduced with associated version of Aspera Sync, seeAspera Sync 1.5.3 Release Notes.

New Features

•         Support for Aspera Drive.

•         Encryption-at-rest (EAR) support for HTTP fallback.  

•         Support for multiple-chunk tokens and source/destination pairs in HTTP fallback.

•         File checksum reporting for each file transfer on both client and server. 

•         MSI: Support for MSA accounts to run the Aspera services.

•         New polling-interval configuration option that can be specified for each push hot folder to allow periodic rescanning.

•         Desktop client can now connect to the Node API or Aspera Shares for both transfers and hot folders.

•         Aspera httpd now provides an HTTP path for testing the status (up or down).

•         New preferences setting to specify logging level.

•         Validation of server fingerprint for transfers.

•         SSH keys can now be imported and shared with others from the desktop client application.

Cloud Support

•         Improved handling of Glacier files for S3 downloads. 

•         Hot folder support for cloud storage.

•         Support for IAMs Assumed role. 

•         New trapd configuration option to automatically map and preserve MIME types when uploading content to S3. Uses a default MIME type mapping that assigns common MIME types by extension, and supports a user-supplied mapping file that overrides the default.

Other Changes

•         Transfer encryption now turned on by default in aspera.conf.

•         Persistent store is now enabled by default.


•         #19301 - Successful transfer disappears from the target when it’s one of two simultaneous ascp transfers of the same file to the same destination.

•         #20486 - The use of an ampersand in a file path causes the Connect plugin to change the source to “&”.

•         #20606 - Connect Server doc is missing Web UI information.

•         #21100 - NTLM/Basic auth with BlueCoat proxy does not allow Connect plugin to download content.

•         #21236 - If a file is locked by another application, then status is now reported correctly. 

•         #21576 - ascp now falls back to HTTP when proxy is used and DNS cannot be contacted.

•         #21729 - HTTP fallback for S3: empty folders are not uploaded.

•         #21773 - aspreracentral crashes (core dump generated)

•         #22282 - HTTP fallback no longer fails when options are passed on docroot URI.

•         #22608 - In the desktop client, the hot folder file list shows queued files as “Stopped' rather than “queued”.

•         #22687 - Illegal characters are now being handled correctly by central and DB logger

•         #22927 - Perl modules in OS X Connect Server are 5.12.4, not 5.8.8.

•         #23018 - The desktop client does not start with a Turkish locale.  

•         #23165 - Some uploads never finish due to unlimited retries on HTTP-404 error returned by the Google server that Trap does not handle correctly.

•         #23200 - S3 host selection fails to discard an unconnectable host, causing transfers to fail.

•         #23812 - ascp 3.1 client stuck when transfer file-list contains more files than the file used to generate the token.

•         #24182 - Azure: Uploading files with a size between the chunk size computed by ascp and 4MB leads to an error and leaves an incomplete file at the destination.

•         #24447 - The installer needs to prompt and stop if you have a different Aspera product installed.

•         #24959 - Hot folders pushing files to ES 2.7 or 2.8 display “Session initiation failed”.

•         #25194 - Hotfolders: spaces in the folder name cause the hot folder transfer to fail.


•         #3476 - When uploading to Linux from a Windows client to a folder called dir\ , pressing the Upload button fails to open the dialog to select a file. When uploading to folders called dir” or dir? or dir”: the file is not transferred, but Connect reports a status of “Done”.

•         #3522 - The aspera.conf.websample from ES 2.1.3 does not get converted on upgrade.

•         #4822 - Installing ES 2.5 on a machine with a pre-installed cygwin gives error message and OpenSSH does not start.

•         #5079 - Public keys created with 2.2.1 are not installed in the proper directory; as a result, an upgrade to 2.5 may fail to find existing keys.

•         #5210 - In the desktop client, the File Manifest Path setting does not work with paths containing commas.

•         #5713 - The Windows installer cannot install to a customized folder whose name contains unicode characters.

•         #6302 - Connect Server on Windows does not support unicode user names.

•         #6358 - Hot folder transfers fail with unicode user names.

•         #6443 - If admin A creates a new hot folder and exits the desktop client, and then admin B exits, the new hot folder created by admin A created will be lost.

•         #6448 - When your regional and language options are set to language standards and formats that do not use "." to represent the decimal point, values are displayed inconsistently using both "." and the native character to represent the decimal point.

•         #6453 - In the desktop client, changed Preferences settings are not updated under Configuration until the desktop client is restarted.

•         #6598 - Starting/loading the GUI via SSH-tunneled X redirection takes too long to respond.

•         #7271 - Sending a file with “:” to Windows causes the creation of an alternate stream. In addition, when partial is enabled, the stream name will remain.partial (the rename to the final name does not work).

•         #8351 - Failed file paths are truncated to 128 characters.

•         #8495 - Hot folders do not support the root drive (for example, C:\ or D:\) as the source path. WORKAROUND: Change the source path to point to a subdirectory.

•         #8534 - IPV6 requires ascp to have the -6 option, which is currently disabled on the server-side if the user is configured for aspshell.

•         #8538 - If a file fails to be renamed from .partial after it transfers, the transfer is still considered successful and the session will continue (with additional files being renamed successfully). The receiver side logs an error message, but no error is logged on the sender side. WORKAROUND: Successful transfers that were not properly renamed from .partial should be manually renamed.

•         #8620 - Enterprise Server for Linux fails to install if the dependency perl(CGI) is not installed. WORKAROUND: Install perl(CGI), then rerun the Enterprise Server installation. For example, to install perl-CGI on Fedora, run: yum install perl-CGI 

•         #11550 - If preserve_attributes is set to none on the server side, when downloading a single file with the -p option, the file has an invalid atime value.

•         #11551 - Group settings under Server Configuration are not being inherited by the group members.

•         #12854 - The maximum upload size for S3 storage is limited to 625 GB.

•         #13450 - The -C option does not work for special storage (docroot or direct).

•         #15897 - From the AWS S3 console, it is possible to rename a folder to have the same name of an existing file. From the desktop client GUI, the folder and file are displayed with the same name. However, if you attempt to download the folder, the file is downloaded instead. Also, uploads to the renamed folder do not complete successfully. Even though it appears in the desktop client that they have completed, the uploaded files are not available at the destination.

•         #16390 - Unicode filenames appear incorrectly in pre/post-processing email notifications.

•         #16517 - Hot Folders are unable to detect Microsoft Word and PowerPoint file changes.

•         #16694 - S3 uploads will not resume if the PMTU changes.

•         #16884 - Resuming a file transfer to S3 starts from the beginning if the destination file already exists.

•         #17106 - Windows displays dot files, as well as Mac xattr files.

•         #17218 - On Windows 8, the delivery confirmation receipt is not readable or deletable.

•         #17243 - An S3 download fails when a filename contains square brackets or a caret.

•         #17318 - When upgrading, “Run Aspera services as a local SYSTEM account” is enabled by default. In order to preserve the service user from the previous version (for example, svcAspera), you must disable this checkbox. (This applies to admins/users who installed Aspera Enterprise Server on Windows XP and specified a service user—for example, svcAspera—rather than a local system account.)

•         #17386 - Group docroot inheritance does not work (related to asperanoded).

•         #18659 - Searching with very long pathnames (over 520 characters) results in an “insufficient buffer space” error.

•         #18832 - Windows Network hot folder stops scanning for new files when clock moves backwards.

•         #20511 - Connect Server 2.6.3 allowed docroot to be a symbolic link, but 3.1+ does not.

•         #20856 - Apache 2.4.4 bug. The htpasswd command given in the Connect Server guide may not work. WORKAROUND: Provide the password on the command line, as described in the workaround given in the Connect Server guide.

•         #20576 - Target Rate must be in the range 0 -100 if TargetRateAsPercentage is yes; however, setting a target rate greater than 100 does not return an error. (Note that rate percentage is a deprecated feature.)

•         #20617 - The SOAP API does not return an error when invalid values are passed into any of a number of parameters. Instead of returning an error, a transfer is either created with a default value, or the bad value is passed to ascp where it will fail.

•         #20779 - The Connect Server Web UI does not respect Groups configuration settings on Windows Server 2012. It restricts privileges of the user running IIS and we are not able to query group membership of the logged-in user. As a consequence,aspera.conf group settings do not apply.

•         #22552 - The Node API browse call returns file system details using a non-existent transfer user on WinXP.

•         #22618 - The behavior of the Node API “paths” filter changed with ES 3.4. It now returns only the directory matching the filter, not the directory’s content.

•         #22619 - In the Node API, file searches now follow symbolic links.

•         #22848 - On S3, uploading a file to a non-existent destination path, and without the -d option, creates the destination path anyway.

•         #22905 - On S3, when copying a file with ascp, and a slash is appended to the destination – for example, /path/ – the file is renamed path/. Because of the trailing slash, it appears to be a directory, but is actually a file.

•         #22998 - If the overwrite setting in the server’s aspera.conf is “deny”, a destination file with the same name as the transfer file is still overwritten.

•         #23070 - If a transfer of several files is interrupted, the retries will generate a “no such file” error for any already-transferred files.

•         #23246 - Warning are not generated about files skipped due to source base setting.

•         #23337 - An invalid payload for Node API *load_setup does not return an error.

•         #23434 - Node API: Files that start with “._” are not returned by the Node API browse.

•         #23503 - Akamai: Uploads of zero-byte files appear to be successful, but no file is present at the destination.

•         #23583 - Certain option values for asperacentral job submission are case sensitive.

•         #23791 - When faspcat forwarding is enabled, faspcat does not read aspera.conf for file permissions mode.

•         #23876 - On S3, when “always overwrite” is set, files are missing at the destination.

•         #24179 - In Connect Server, clicking change user in IE brings up a login window where the username field already has the string "user_name" filled in.

•         #24430 - A .partial file remains at the destination after the source file is modified and upload is complete.

•         #24549 - Drag-and-drop with Linux version of the desktop client is not supported. Attempting a drag-and-drop upload does nothing. Attempting a drag-and-drop download causes the mouse cursor to display a plus sign, suggesting incorrectly that the feature is available.

•         #24638 - Release notes for ES 3.3.0 say that with the new Node API, “Support for async session set up on behalf of client”. No API for this is available.

•         #24671 - DB logger is logging each file twice when the transfer is between a source and destination that are on the same node.

•         #24690, #23516 - On certain versions of Fedora Linux, the desktop client can fail to start or exits suddenly with an “assertion failed” DBUS error. This is rare but can occur.

•         #24752 - Node daemon does not send HTTP code 100 (Continue).

•         #25042 - In the server-side aspera.conf, the none option for file checksum reporting is no longer supported; only md5sha1, and any are supported. The any option means allow the checksum format to be whichever format the client requests. On the client side, the none option is still available, as a command-line option. A setting of any on the client side results in an error with the message “ascp: unknown file checksum type any”.

•         #25083 - When hot folder transfers fail due to lack of permissions, the hot folders tab gives no indication that the failures are due to insufficient permissions.


•         Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7, 8, 2012


•         Enterprise Server 3.3.4 Release Notes 

•         Enterprise Server 3.3.3 Release Notes 

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•         Enterprise Server 3.1.3 Release Notes 

•         Enterprise Server 3.1.0 Release Notes 


Enterprise Server and Connect Server


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70ba692308f2ac7006d87ab7e802d927  AsperaClient-ML-


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•         Enterprise Server 3.4.4 User Guide (Windows) 

•         Connect Server 3.4.4 User Guide (Windows) 

•         Point-to-Point 3.4.4 User Guide (Windows) 

•         Client 3.4.4 User Guide (Windows) 


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