Aspera Mobile Uploader 2.0.0 Release Notes

Release Notes:  Uploader 2.0.0

Product Release: April 7, 2014
Release Notes Updated: April 2, 2014



Release 2.0.0 is a major new release of the Uploader, with significant improvements specifically in the area of video encoding.

New features:

•         A new “Highest” video encoding setting which results in the video from the gallery or camera being uploaded “as-is” with no encoding.

•         The attributes for the Low, Medium and High video encoding settings have been made more reasonable, allowing those settings to be used more often. Basically they call for the video attributes to be the same as the gallery or camera source, but with just variations in encoding bit rate (8 Mbps for High; 4 Mbps for Medium, 2 Mbps for Low).

•         Adds ability to have custom video encoding settings, including the ability to save encoding settings as named “presets” which can then be selected for individual uploads. This offers the user finer control of the video encoding. The settings than can be controlled and formed into presets are: bit rate, frame rate, keyframe interval, scaling the size by percent, specifying height and/or width, and specifying the file type of the output (mov, mp4, m4v).

•         A video shot with the camera or selected from the Photos gallery now shows an actual thumbnail of the video rather than the generic “filmstrip” image, allowing the user to confirm that the correct video is selected.

•         All videos shot with the in-app camera are now saved in the gallery at full resolution, regardless of the encoding settings in force for the upload.

•         Default rates for phone and WiFi networks have been raised to 2 Mbps and 50 Mbps, respectively; the overall max rate is now 100 Mbps.

•         iOS 7 is now fully supported.



•        #9720 - Should show thumbnails for videos rather than the fixed "movie film strip" image.

•        #11424 - Sessions are set to use no encryption.

•        #11493 - Emailed log should be modified to show version of Uploader software.

•        #13338 - Allow videos from photo library to be transferred with no encoding.

•        #16757 - Be able to force final product of in-app camera to 16:9 format.

•        #21389 - Return to x.y.z.rev version numbering.

•        #21391 - Add "frame rate" to set of encoding options.

•        #21840 - Certain images are rotated left 90 degrees when selected from Photos gallery.

•        #22020 - Use "+" email addressing for more precision in the default logs-to email address.

•        #23713 - By letting dgramsz (datagram size) default it acts like -Z is set and always uses default of 1492 even if pMTU says otherwise.

•        #24109 - Video quality option controls both camera quality and uploaded video quality.

•        #24910 - Target rate max of 10 Mbps.

•        #25240 - Tall image thumbnails overlap with main view "Aspera Mobile Uploader" title.

•        #25347 - iOS 7 status bar can't be seen on main view.

•        #25379 - On 4" iPhone 5s view is shifted up after returning from camera.

•        #25394 - Transition back to main view from settings view on 4" iPhone is momentarily shifted up.

•        #25410 - Make default low, medium, high video settings do reasonable things.

•        #25415 - iOS 7 on 4" iPhone (5/5s) main view can be shifted up and if transfer view is opened, Upload button is hidden and cannot be tapped.

•        #25539 "Encoding video" did not show over thumbnail in Highest (raw/passthrough) case.



•        #25509 - On 3.5" device the view in in-app camera after photo is take seems clipped at top and bottom.



•        iOS versions 6.1 and above.



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Not applicable. Package is delivered from the Apple iOS App Store.






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