iOS Faspex Mobile 2.1.0 and 2.1.1 Release Notes

iOS Faspex Mobile 2.1.0 and 2.1.1 Release Notes

Product Release (in the iOS App Store): 2.1.0 - August 1, 2014; 2.1.1 - August 6, 2014

Release Notes Updated: August 12, 2014



This 2.1.0 version (and its update to 2.1.1) is focused on providing improved video encoding support, and fixes for support of server-side metadata that was introduced in the earlier 2.0 version. Note that this new version requires iOS 7 or higher.

New features include:

  • A user can now choose 720 (1280x720) or 1080 (1920x1080) as a default video resolution.
  • Low, medium and high encoding settings now primarily control the video bit rate (low: 2Mbps; medium: 4 Mbps; and high: 8Mbps).
  • Details of the chosen video encoding settings are now provided in the Settings to reduce confusion about the encoding settings.
  • The default video encoding settings can be overridden when adding video assets to a new package.
  • The app user interface has been made more consistent with the standard iOS 7 app style.
  • Dropboxes are now displayed in alphabetic order, when composing a package.
  • Note field for a new package now uses sentence case.
  • You can now configure whether to always show the file names of files that have been added to the package.
  • The photo/video picker will now show the video time in the same format as the Photos app.



#23025 - Cannot specify a workgroup name in the To field (spaces in name are removed)

#24397 - Some views permit rotation, others do not (all should not)

#24580 - Repeatedly tapping the trash/favorite buttons crashes the application

#25105 - Note area should have sentence case

#26198 - Dropboxes should be displayed in alphabetic order not in the order in which they were created

#26200 - Changes to workgroups on server side are not detected and adjusted to by the app, requiring the app user to delete and re-configure their account

#26201 - Custom metadata dropdown lists with 12 items or more do not work properly

#26202 - Customer desires High video encoding setting to create 720p and to not just be same as Highest

#26266 - After deleting a dropbox and re-Configure that app account in the app, a compose to one dropbox showed the deleted dropbox in the compose view

#26267 - When "Require encryption-at-rest" is Always for a workgroup, the app sends the package as EAR without asking the user for an EAR password

#26578 - New Package Button in Faspex App creates multiple dialogues (iPad, not iPhone)

#26703 - Customer reports "app is cut off on the top after returning from using the camera"

#26704 - Provide way to override the default video encoding quality when creating a new package

#26741 - Camera and gallery button positions are switched on iPad and iPhone

#26821 - If camera is rotated, the send package view is rotated upon return (iPad)

#26868 - Make checkmark and video overlays used by the picker match those from the Photos app

#26935 - Create setting to always show the file name of files that have been added to the package

#26944 - When adding an account, when entering password, screen gets unnecessarily scrolled down

#26967 - When encoding a low quality video, and video encoding settings are such that video will not be encoded, encode at "none" instead of running video through encoding

#26987 - Get package creation view titles consistent between iPad and iPhone

#26993 - Make account edit button and option list open button more tappable

#27082 - In received package view, if metadata is closed and I view an image, when I return from image view the metadata is now open

#27094 - Draft created from sent dropbox package does not allow metadata entry

#27105 - Required fields don't always show with a bold font

#27107 - More of a Sent item view should be tappable to open up a new package view from it

#27224 - Support faspe type

#27225 - packages with {} or ^ in the title cannot be sent, eventually causing a crash



#23711 - Cannot send package to Faspex 3.1.x due to "No items to upload!" even though items were selected to be uploaded (Circumvention: In the Faspex 3.1.x server-side settings for the user, check in the “Allowed to” section: “Create packages from remote sources”)

#23884 - Cannot receive workgroup package via faspex-pkg scheme - get "could not load package: invalid credentials (regular packages can be accessed via the faspex-pkg URL scheme)

#23897 - Package with metadata composed in iOS app and presented to server via JSON /send API results in package having mis-ordered metadata items when viewed in the server web UI

#22370 - Changes to a user’s dropbox membership or other dropbox changes are not automatically detected by the app (even in the case of an upgrade to 2.0.0), requiring the user to re-configure the account (Circumvention: After a user is added to a dropbox, re-configure the account in the app [navigate to the account and press Configure])

#22269 - Cannot connect to faspex server with as a SAML user from iOS faspex client



Faspex server support - This version is tested and supported on Faspex 3.1.1 or greater.


iOS OS support - This version requires iOS 7.0 or greater.






The application is delivered as an install or update from the iOS App Store.






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