Aspera Orchestrator Product Update - Recorded July 23, 2014

Watch our Aspera Orchestrator product update webinar on Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Orchestrator automates the collection, processing and distribution of large volumes of file-based digital media assets. In this webinar we show examples of automated file-based workflows and discuss the latest release of Orchestrator including:

  • More inline validation options such as ADI, DPP/AS11, and antivirus integrated in Aspera transfers allow for processing before transfer, after transfer, and while a transfer is in progress
  • Expanded active/active configuration including support for A/A without shared disk for clustering in the Amazon cloud
  • Improved workflow migration capabilities include dependencies
  • Automation of restoration from a snapshot and ability to schedule snapshots
  • Improved management of portlets and support for rich custom portlets
  • Support for prioritized queues and load balancing between managed resources
Speakers Steve Pollini, Vice President of Technology Solutions
  Andrea di Muzio, Director of Professional Services, EMEA

Watch this webinar now.

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