Aspera Upload Acceleration Option for Akamai NetStorage - Recorded August 26, 2014

Watch our webinar on the Aspera Upload Accerlation for Akamai.

Recorded on Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Aspera’s high-speed FASP™ technology is now available to Akamai customers for ingesting data into the Akamai Intelligent Platform with direct integration into Akamai NetStorage. With this integration, Akamai can offer high-performing and efficient bulk data transfer capabilities to customers needing to move large digital libraries, files, and other digital content at maximum speed, into the Akamai platform directly to NetStorage.

In the first of our Akamai and Aspera webinar series, we will cover the following topics:

  • Learn about NetStorage, Akamai's high performance cloud storage solution.
  • Review Aspera FASP technology and the various software solutions.
  • Understand the unique benefit of the Aspera Upload Acceleration Option for Akamai.
  • Delve into the integration details.
  • View a demonstration of Aspera Upload Acceleration within NetStorage.
Speakers Corey Halverson, Product Line Director, Media Publishing & Analytics, Akamai
  Jay Migliaccio, Director of Cloud Technologies, Aspera

Watch the recorded webinar

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