Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint - Recorded June 17, 2014

Watch our Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint webinar recorded on June 17, 2014.

Aspera for Microsoft® SharePoint® enables customers to overcome the limits and boundaries of transferring and storing large files and data sets with Microsoft SharePoint 2013. With Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint, customers can transfer unlimited numbers of files of any size and transfer large files and data sets at high speed predictably and reliably, at long distances, and with complete security.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Aspera high-speed transfer capability embedded in the SharePoint user interface for seamless uploads and downloads
  • Using Aspera to overcome file size and data set size limitations of standard SharePoint implementations
  • Accommodating more flexible and resilient architectures by segregating file storage from sites and processing
  • Using Aspera Drive to access remote SharePoint document libraries from the native Windows file explorer
  • Access and user management through standard SharePoint interfaces to allow users to access Aspera transfers
Speakers Chris Andrews, Director of Product Management
  Gene Getsin, Director of Engineering

Watch the Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint recording now.

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