Elemental Video Processing with Aspera - Recorded October 15, 2014

Watch our webinar recording on Elemental Video Processing with Aspera

Recorded on Wednesday October 15, 2014

Elemental offers an integrated solution with Aspera high-speed FASP technology to enable high-speed transfer of media assets in a file-based video processing workflow.  With native support for Aspera FASP,  Elemental gives operators the ability to control, automate and secure high-speed file transfer and significantly reduce the time required to make premium video content available for delivery. 

Join us for this webinar to learn about: 

  • Optimized file transfer at every point in the video processing workflow including point-to-point workflows and workflows to and from the cloud with Aspera software integration 
  • Scale out video processing resources in the cloud with reduced barriers to entry 
  • Eliminate data transfer bottlenecks inherent to large file uploads using existing protocols 

Speaker: Dustin Encelewski, Director of Product Management at Elemental

Watch the recorded webinar.

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