Introducing Aspera Files 2 - Recorded February 3, 2016

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Aspera Files is a new SaaS platform that allows any organization, small to large, to quickly, easily and securely exchange and deliver huge files and data sets of any size between users across separate organizations, enabling them to easily store and access data in and across multiple storage systems.

In this webinar we will demonstrate how Files enables your organization to:

  • Easily establish a unique web presence with branded “Organizations” and “Workspaces”
  • Quickly upload/ingest, share and exchange large multi GB files and folders up to 100s of times faster than TCP-based transfers
  • Store, access and deliver content seamlessly across multiple cloud and on premises storage systems with complete security of the content within the organization, 3rd party partners, and with peered organizations
  • Assemble digital delivery packages from any source transparently via simple drag and drop
  • Send a copy of large files and folders to a dropbox with associated metadata that can be easily accessed by a group
  • Invite a third party without an Aspera Files subscription to send large files and data sets using an email address
  • Use built-in, 3rd party cloud, and on premise Aspera servers to provide high speed transfer and storage seamlessly within Files workspaces

Speaker: Michelle Munson, CEO & Co-Founder, Aspera

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