Installing a perpetual license to an Aspera Transfer product

The license for your Aspera Transfer product can be installed or updated via the tools menu in the product GUI, or by editing a text file in the product installation directory.

Using the GUI

Note that this applies to applies to Aspera Client, Aspera P2P, and the Aspera Connect and Enterprise Servers, regardless of the underlying Operating System platform.

Select "License ..." from the Tools menu, 

and then either the "Import License File ..." or "Paste License Text ..." functions from the resulting dialog:

Modifying the license file on the file system

Using the text-editor of your choice, open the file 'aspera-license' in the directory indicated by the following table.  You may create the file if it does not already exist.

Operating System   License Directory
Linux /opt/aspera/etc
Mac OS X /Library/Aspera/<product>/etc
Windows C:\Program Files (x86)\Aspera\<product>\etc
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