How to include user passwords in welcome emails for Faspex


When you create a new user on Faspex, you can choose to have a welcome email sent to them informing them of their new account. You can also have this email include the password you set for the user’s account.


Create a new user by going to the Accounts tab and clicking the New User button.

Fill in the user details then click Edit Additional Permissions. In the Welcome E-mail section at the bottom, select Send welcome message. Then, select Include password. Click Done to finish.


If after completing the above your user’s welcome emails are still not displaying their passwords, you will need to revert your email template to the default.

1. Click on the Server tab, then go to Notification > Welcome E-mail.

2. At the bottom, click Load Defaults, then click on Generate E-mail and Save.

3. New users should now receive their passwords as expected.

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