Grass Valley Stratus and Aspera FASP Integration - Recorded December 16, 2014

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Media organizations can operate and collaborate more effectively on a global scale with Grass Valley's GV STRATUS production asset management system, which now tightly integrates with Aspera's FASP transport technology. Users will benefit from considerably faster file exchanges and secure delivery, enabling real-time collaboration among geographically distributed teams and reducing production cycles to get programming on air in a fraction of the time. In this webinar, we will discuss how digital media can now be transferred to and from the GV STRATUS production platform, up to hundreds of times faster than conventional TCP-based solutions using Aspera's FASP technology. By attending this online event, you will also learn how to enhance collaboration and optimize the use of existing assets, using the GV STRATUS/Aspera framework that can be implemented across production centers, news operations, live production, post-production and archive. 

Speakers: Beatriz Alonso, Director, GV STRATUS Business Development
  Mike Flathers, Chief Technologist, Aspera Developer Platform
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