Genospace and Aspera On Demand Integration - Recorded June 30, 2015

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Presented by the Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI). Learn how GenoSpace leverages AWS and Aspera On Demand to provide a comprehensive suite of software solutions for innovators in precision medicine. GenoSpace’s cloud-based platform for genomic and other biomedical data powers the interpretation, reporting, and analytics for organizations in research, clinical development, lab medicine and clinical care.

We will discuss how Aspera On Demand and Amazon Web Services enable GenoSpace to:

  • Leverage cloud infrastructure and services to deliver large complex data sets and analysis tools traditionally only available to statistical experts via GenoSpace Population Analytics
  • Enable stakeholders to explore and gain insight from complex, heterogeneous sets of genomic and other biomedical data
  • Overcome file size and data set size limitations to move big data at maximum speed with enterprise-grade security and encryption between the customer, GenoSpace and Amazon Web Services
  • Utilize Apache Spark on-demand distributed computing, allowing scalable increases in computing power to handle massive datasets and queries
  • Control costs with cost effective on-demand pricing options for data transfer and computing
Speakers: Mick Correll, Chief Executive Officer, Genospace
  Christopher Crosbie, Lead Solutions Architect for the Amazon Web Services healthcare and life sciences partner team
  Jay Migliaccio, Director Cloud Platforms and Services at Aspera, an IBM Company
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