Moving Media Files In, Out and Across Scality Ring with Aspera FASP - Recorded October 7, 2015

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In this webinar, learn how Scality RING users solved the challenges of moving very large media files across geographically distributed production sites. With the integration of Aspera FASP®, media companies can transfer large files such as HD video into and out of Scality’s petabyte-scale RING storage with the highest speed, security and reliability, regardless of file size or distance and without changes to their existing infrastructure. 

We will demonstrate how the Aspera integration with Scality RING supports multiple deployment models that includes moving large files between different media companies as well as within one enterprise spread across multiple continents. This integration enables high-speed file transfers for Content Distribution Networks origin servers, Video On Demand, streaming services and Media Asset Management workflows. 

Yannick Guillerm, Sales Engineer, Scality
Todd Kelly, Product Marketing Manager, Aspera

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