Descriptions of Faspex services, components and log files


Below are brief descriptions of the various Faspex services, components (background processes) and log files.

Services/Faspex Components


Service that manages issues with the database, most notably the management of space used by MySQL.

Faspex Background

The service that manages miscellaneous background tasks not managed by the other services described below.

Faspex DB Background

The service that manages tasks with the MySQL database such as purges and archiving. Also updates the database with information after updates by Statscollector and the Faspex NP Background service, such as package size, transfer stats, and package status.

Faspex DS Background

The service that manages the communication with directory services.

Faspex Email Background

The service that manages the sending of emails for package notifications, account notifications and so on.

Faspex NP Background

The service that manages the communication of Statscollector to the node via asperanoded.

Faspex Mongrels

The service that runs the web front end for Faspex.

Log Files


The application logging from the Mongrels.


Only related to the startup and shutdown of Mongrel processes.


Statscollector queries the Reliable Query API and logs info about these queries.


Only related to startup and shutdown of the related services.


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