Now Available: Aspera Orchestrator 2.4.0 for Linux 64-bit

We are pleased to announce the general release of IBM Aspera Orchestrator 2.4.0 for Windows and Linux.  This minor release includes a number of security updates, performance improvements, and the following new features:

New Features

  • New APIs for filtering of work orders by status, remote monitoring of work orders, JSON responses, and automatic keys for all users. 
  • Dashboards and Portlets have been updated with token-based authentication. 
  • Improved execution queue webpage now supports pagination. 
  • Resource Manager has new optional runtime input for Queue ID.
  • One click plugin uninstaller in the Plugin Manager. 
  • New Journals plugin supports writing into Journal Books.
  • New XPath plugin allows the parsing of XML files and strings.
  • New third party plugins for integrating SGL FlashNet Archiving System, Xytech MediaPulse, Emotion Engine, CatDV database, and Marquis Medway
  • New user account management features such as filtering, password validation, prevention of previously used passwords, and automatic account disabling after failed login attempts. 
  • Improved workflow tools that enhance duplicating steps, and mapping inputs and outputs.
  • New filtering option has been added in the bulk restart feature, allowing users to chose between workOrderStatus and workStepStatus. 
  • Improved workflow management with Activate/Deactivate All function, allowing users to easy  stop operations when taking snapshots or performing downtime activities.


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