Minor Release: IBM Aspera FASP Proxy 1.3.0 for Linux 64

IBM Aspera Proxy 1.3.0 for Linux is now available on the Aspera website. This release of IBM Aspera FASP Proxy provides the new features, fixes, and other changes listed below.

New Features

  • A new configuration option, udp_port_reuse, has been added to aspera.conf.

This option allows concurrent transfers to Windows nodes to work through the reverse proxy both with and without load balancing enabled.

  • Reverse proxy (ascp_rproxy and ascmd_rproxy) can no longer be started except by aspshell.
  • The status of asperaproxy can now be checked with the command, # service asperaproxy status

Breaking Changes

Setting <proxy_port> to zero in the proxy server's aspera.conf no longer enables the routing of concurrent transfers to successive ports; instead, it now generates an error and results in a failure to make the transfer. For further information, see the topic "UDP Port Reuse" in the Aspera FASP Proxy 1.3.0 Admin Guide.

To see the latest release notes, please click here.  The latest version of Aspera Proxy 1.3 can be downloaded here.

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