Getting Started with Faspex on Demand (Data) from the AWS Marketplace


This article describes the provisioning process for Faspex On Demand (Data) from the AWS marketplace.  This edition of Faspex is sold via the Amazon Marketplace as a pay per transfer license model, measured in Gigabytes per month.   If you want to know more about this offering, please visit the Aspera AWS site.  If you want to learn more about Aspera On Demand in general, please visit the Aspera on Demand site.


This article assumes that you have already completed the following:

  1. You have an Amazon AWS Account.  To sign up for an AWS account, please go to the AWS login page and click on the 'Sign up' button.
  2. You plan to purchase Aspera Faspex on Demand via the Amazon Marketplace.
  3. You know what region you will provision Faspex in.
  4. You are familiar with how to use standard SSH clients to log into an Amazon Linux AMI.  (See this article for more info) 


Note:  Additional information Subscribing to, Launching and Managing products on the AWS Marketplace can be found on this AWS page.

  1. Create IAM Roles:  
    1. This version of Faspex requires an IAM role.  Please follow these instructions for creating the role.
    2. Data storage access: If you are planning to use S3 for storage, we recommend to setup an IAM role for authorizing permissions .  Note that these instructions create an IAM role that satisfies requirement #1 (above) and the S3 permissions requirement.  If you want more info on storage options, please review the Persistent storage article for details.
  2. Transfer testing:
    1. Please test an Aspera transfer to and from our public Aspera Demo server located here.  
    2. For this test, please use the Connect Browser plugin. This test will confirm that your firewall is not blocking Aspera transfers.   For more information on firewall requirements, please see this article.


This article is for customers who are deploying Aspera Faspex on Demand via the Amazon marketplace.  

The current offering on AWS Marketplace requires manual provisioning of the AMI.  The steps are documented here.

  1. Log into the Amazon Marketplace and search for Aspera Faspex.
  2. Select Aspera Faspex On Demand product. NOTE: We no longer offer a "BYOE" (Bring your own Entitlement) option since this version is equivalent.
  3. Click on the big yellow "Continue" button.
  4. Review the terms and click on 'Accept Terms".  Refresh your browser page.
  5. NOTE:  The usage instructions (including this KB) can be found by clicking on the blue 'Usage instructions' button.
  6. Select the version and start the provisioning process by clicking on the blue button 'Launch with EC2 Console"
  7. Choose Instance type 'm4.xlarge', and click on "Next: Configure instance Details"    
  8. On Step 3, be sure to specify the following:
    1. VPC - (most new AWS accounts only give you this option)
    2. Auto-Assign public IP:  Make sure this is enabled
    3. IAM Role: Select the IAM role that you created above.
    4. Choose other launch options as needed for your deployment 
  9. Once you have selected all the options, click on the "Next: Add Storage" button
  10. Step 4: The default image has a large root partition (800 GB) which is enough to get started.  If you prefer to use S3, and created the IAM roles, you can specify a smaller root partition (e.g. 40 GB) here, but be sure to configure S3 as the persistent storage, after the image has been launched.
  11. When you are ready to proceed, click on the button "Next: Tag instance"   
  12. Step 5: Tag Instance. In this screen you can specify a name for your instance.  This will make it easy to find in your EC2 dashboard. 
  13. Once you have provided a name, click on the "Next: Configure Security Group" 
  14. Step 6: Configure Security Group. Here you need to specify the ports required for using Aspera.   The minimum requirements are:  HTTP (TCP 80), HTTPS (TCP 443), FASP (TCP 33001, UDP 33001).  Please note that we run SSH on port 33001 for security reasons.  There is no need to specify SSH (TCP 22) despite the AWS warnings.
  15. Once this step is complete, proceed to the next screen by clicking on the "Next: Review and Launch" button.
  16. You will be prompted to specify your SSH Key. If you do not have one, you can create one here.  IMPORTANT: Do not loose the private key that you download. Please remember where you put it.
  17. Once you have launched your Faspex image, you will see it listed in your EC2 dashboard.  It takes a few minutes for the Faspex system to fully provision, so please be patient.
  18. From the EC2 dashboard, you can find the Pubic DNS, which you can paste into your browser to access the server.
  19. Once your system is booted, point your browser to the URL and login.  Username: admin ; password: Instance ID


Additional Resources

Product documentation: 

The documentation for Faspex On Demand is also accessible via a link on the application.  Once you have logged in you will see a link in the upper right hand corner of the screen which points to documentation.

Knowlege-base articles can be found in the On Demand forum here.

Web site:  Our public site for our AWS offerings is located at Aspera On Demand


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