Reclaiming disk space used by Orchestrator


If you find that your Orchestrator database is getting large, you can free up space by manually cleaning up some database tables and tuning database configurations.

Cleaning up database tables

1. Start by stopping Orchestrator

# asctl orchestrator:stop

2. Open the MySQL console

Run the following commands:

# /opt/aspera/common/mysql/bin/mysql --password=mysql_password

Windows # C:\Program Files (x86)\Aspera\Common Files\Aspera\Common\mysql_x64\bin\mysql --password=mysql_password

Use the Orchestrator database:

> use orchestrator;

3. Prune tables

You can prune tables with the following commands:

> optimize table variables;
> optimize table prerequisites;
> optimize table work_inputs;
> optimize table work_outputs;
> optimize table work_steps;
> optimize table work_orders;

4. Drop bkp tables

You can drop any tables with bkp in the name as these are created by snapshot imports.

> drop table if exists bkp_table;

5. Exit MySQL and restart Orchestrator

> exit;
# asctl orchestrator:start

Database configurations

1. Configure global database purge and cleanup cutoffs

You can reduce the amount of data stored in the database by configuring the number of days after which work orders should be purged or cleaned with the purge_cutoff and cleanup_cutoff settings. By default purge_cutoff is set to 60 days, and cleanup_cutoff is set to 30 days.

purge_cutoff applies to work orders with the following statuses:


cleanup_cutoff applies to work orders with the following statuses:


You can edit these values in the orchestrator.yml file:

  • Linux: /opt/aspera/orchestrator/config/orchestrator.yml
  • Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Aspera\Orchestrator\config\orchestrator.yml

2. Configure workflow level cutoffs

Individual workflows and work orders can be removed from the database sooner than what is configured with the global cutoff values defined in step 1.

Click the dropdown arrow next to a workflow and select Edit core parameters. In the window that appears, you can enter the purge cut off value in the Purge after (days) field, and the cleanup cut off in the Clean up after (days).

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