Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint - Recorded March 22, 2016

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Aspera for Microsoft® SharePoint® enables customers to overcome the limits and boundaries of transferring and storing large files and data sets with Microsoft SharePoint 2013. With Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint, customers can transfer unlimited numbers of files of any size and transfer large files and data sets at high speed predictably and reliably, at long distances, and with complete security.

In this product update webinar we will provide an overview and demonstrations of the new capabilities and features of Aspera SharePoint, including:

  • Ability to create a file in SharePoint and have it accessible through Aspera Drive and Aspera Connect
  • Support for transfer between document libraries
  • Ability to FaspStream data into the SharePoint database for full versioning and workflow support
  • SharePoint server as a proxy to download files from remote locations
  • Support for multiple site collection on a single VM

Speaker: Gene Getsin, Director of Engineering

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