Seamless Transglobal Sharing of Medical Images at Maximum Speed - Recorded on March 24, 2016

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Learn how UPMC, a 20-hospital organization, partners with KingMed to provide second opinion consultations for medical pathology slide images leveraging Aspera. UPMC uses Aspera Point-to-Point software to overcome transfer distance problems, allowing the large images to be uploaded in minutes, rather than hours. By dropping files in a Hot Folder to trigger automatic high-speed transfers, KingMed easily moves content to UPMC with little or no user interaction.

We will discuss how Aspera enables UPMC and KingMed to:

  • Move large medical images and data sets quickly and reliably
  • Reduce consultation time and complexity
  • Provide “lights out” operations with the use of Hot Folders

Jeff McHugh, Director, Pathology & Hospital Applications, UPMC
Jonathan Solomon, Senior Sales & Systems Engineer, Aspera

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