How do I configure Faspex email notifications to list the package expiration date for Faspex users?


A Faspex package can be automatically removed from the server based on either of these options:

  • after every recipient has downloaded the package at least once
  • after a set number of days

For example, this means you can have packages removed from the server after 20 days, or sooner, such as after packages have been downloaded by their recipients. For more information on package expiration, see this Knowledge Base article.

Because of these multiple expiration parameters a package does not have one definitive “expiration date,” and so there is no variable you can use in your email notification templates to state a package's expiration date.

What you can do instead is configure your email notifications to state the expiration time period after the package upload date.


1. Go to your Email notification templates.

Navigate to Server > Notifications. Click the Package Received template.

2. Click either Customize Using Template or Edit HTML depending on how you prefer to edit the email notification.

Where appropriate, you can configure a notice to your users as such:

This package will expire X days after PACKAGE_DATE

You need to replace X with the configured time period for package expirations (the setting under Server > Configuration > Package Storage). Anytime you change this configuration you will also need to manually update the email notification template. PACKAGE_DATE will automatically be replaced with the time the package was sent.

If you also have an expiration after download configured, you may want to notify your users like the following:

This package will expire X days after PACKAGE_DATE, or after all recipients
have downloaded the package.
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